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Upon waking on the first day of the month, before you utter a single word, say

White Rabbit

And you will have luck for the rest of the month.

I think I blew it: first thing out of my mouth this morning?

I have to pee.


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White Rabbit

Last evening as I was describing my mom , Jean, I recalled the first time I saw this picture:

Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II aka Dead Ringer

Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II aka Dead Ringer

It hung at the head of our kindergarten classroom. We were learning to sing God Save the Queen, to stand at attention, with our gaze upon this portrait. As I recall, I did a double take. How was it, I wondered, that my mom’s picture was up there above the blackboard?


Jean the First

Years later, I retold this story, and my friend claimed that EVERYONE thinks that their mom looks like Queen Elizabeth.

What do you think? Can that be so? I find it rather hard to fathom, but I’m prepared to hear otherwise!


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Long May She Reign

Rude Awakening – it’s winter still

Ah, the most beautiful sight to behold, the setting sun over Lake Huron at Sauble Beach.

Wait a minute, what’s that?  A bottle?  With a message!  Awesome!  Always wanted to get a message in a bottle.

[uncorking bottle and unrolling the message] “It’s all a dream.”


Perchance to Dream

It’s time to come out of hiding from behind Roz’s mask.  Though she may be back when it’s time for me to write about life as an office administrator!  And now I can check off a long overdue zerotohero task, too!

The Reveal


So far, so GREAT.  Enjoying the WordPress experience, and I am most happy to report the Zombies and I are seeing each other less frequently.  Notice I did not say “Zombies? What zombies?”

To honour my modest achievement and to acknowledge all of you in WordPressLand… a wee screen capture from my online homework assignment.  [Shakes head] I am still such a sucker for kudos from the teacher. Even the virtual ones.