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Waiting for Proof

My husband asked me this morning if I ever saw myself as a published author, and if so, what kind of book was it? A good question. I suppose at one time, like so many other wannabe writers, I was going to pen the Great Canadian Novel. As it happens, the correct answer is, “a biography.” You see, I am waiting for the proof copy of a book titled Airy […]

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Share Your World – August 7, 2017

I’m going to play fast and loose with the “Share Your World” challenge for this week. While I have answers for all for of her questions, I’m going to focus on two that are somewhat related. Cee asks, What was the last URL that you bookmarked or saved? OK, since I’m inclined to respond to questions honestly, I checked the bookmarks manager to see if it listed my saved URLs […]

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Writing: The Early Years

Composed for the Writing Essential Group prompt for Thursday, August 28, 2014 I received an email from my friend S. She is a long time writer, but hasn’t had much opportunity to create lately. She wanted to know what influenced my desire to write, and if I always held that desire. My poor friend. If only she knew how little encouragement I need to share my story. I started the email, “Good […]

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Am I Quibbling?

Rosanna posted a link to a TED talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s just over 7 minutes long, and if you haven’t watched it, you might find some value here. Gilbert speaks of returning home, to that spot where you are doing the thing you love more than you love yourself. For her, it has always been writing. Whenever she found herself “away from home” either in the euphoria of success […]

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Take Three

This is my third time up to the blogging plate.  Exactly two years ago as part of New Year’s resolutions, I began a blog. The opening post celebrated the end of Mercury Retrograde.  The next entry went like this: I have an imaginary friend.  This friend is an inquisitive sort and wants to get to know all of the wherefores and why’s about the minutiae of my life.  For instance, the opening […]

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