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That Which Keeps Me Awake

That Which Keeps Me Awake – Alphabetized Because I’m OCD-ish Anxiety Bumps in the night. Usually the cat. Caffeine Different bed Exams (see anxiety) Flatulence (not mine) Guy has all the blankets Hot Flashes Insomnia (d’uh) Jabs in the ribs (hubby is so pokey) Knees (likewise) Light Motel smells and sounds Noise from the yard like cats squabbling Overfull bladder Purring cat. I love you but. (see warm kitty below) […]

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How I Learned to Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey

I learned everything I know about “homemaking” from my mom. OK, OK, to be precise: I give maybe 2% credit to high school home economics courses and another couple of points to my mum-in-law from my first marriage. This is me folks, wanting to be accurate and not found wanting as far as truth in reporting is concerned. To recap: I learned 95% of everything I know about “homemaking” from […]

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It Figures

While I clearly recall my early writing career at school, I don’t remember much about learning math. In the junior grades, that is. In high school I enjoyed it and elected to study all of the available subjects, including trigonometry. I particularly liked geometry and graphing functions. I suppose the visual rendering of mathematical concepts held the appeal. I even went so far as to create a Christmas card for […]

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The Back Forty

I always promised myself that if I ever lived on a large-ish property I’d let it revert to nature. I enjoy the untamed, natural look and the opportunity to provide a habitat for wildlife. Mowing a lawn wastes gasoline and it fouls the air. Besides, it’s hard work! Wherever I moved, and for one reason or another, I did not follow through on the no-mow policy. As a matter of fact, when I […]

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Writing: The Early Years

Composed for the Writing Essential Group prompt for Thursday, August 28, 2014 I received an email from my friend S. She is a long time writer, but hasn’t had much opportunity to create lately. She wanted to know what influenced my desire to write, and if I always held that desire. My poor friend. If only she knew how little encouragement I need to share my story. I started the email, “Good […]

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Lid Toast

About ten years before Survivor and other reality shows of its kind took over prime time viewing, public broadcasters such as PBS and TVO here in Canada featured several documentaries that held my interest. These focused on survival of a different sort. One was a BBC program The Victorian Garden. This was in the late 80’s and early 90’s when I was crazy nuts for anything to do with herbs and vegetables […]

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WEMon: Aug 18, 2014 – Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

School starts in a couple of weeks. Judging by the jolt of excitement I get when I think about that, I know I’m ready for the return to my studies. This is the final year of the Mining Engineering Technician Program, barring any unforeseen events. (Unforeseen events = knock on wood.) I wonder how long the excitement will last? You see, if this year is the same as the last two, I’ll be ready […]

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