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WEMon: Aug 18, 2014 – Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

School starts in a couple of weeks. Judging by the jolt of excitement I get when I think about that, I know I’m ready for the return to my studies. This is the final year of the Mining Engineering Technician Program, barring any unforeseen events. (Unforeseen events = knock on wood.) I wonder how long the excitement will last? You see, if this year is the same as the last two, I’ll be ready […]

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WEMon August 11, 2014 Mistakes, Gaffs and Goof-ups

Let’s start off with a riddle: Q: How many home owners does it take to replace a light bulb? A: None. None because this home owner refused to replace the burnt out light bulb in the oven when she learned it costs $25.00. That’s right, you read correctly. This particular light bulb in our particular oven cost $25.00 back in 2007. There are four altogether. I have decided to bake in the dark. […]

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Lemon Tree

During grade school, I was friends with Lisa MacDonald. She lived in the house just down the street with her parents and brothers. We weren’t BFF’s. I don’t think. Were we? Well, of course not, because as soon as her mom and dad split, and Lisa went to live with her dad and changed her name to Lisa King, we lost touch. I saw her only once afterward. She dropped […]

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WEMon: The Weird Ways We Say, “I Love You”

Inspired by Writing Essential Group and the July 21st challenge Today’s challenge: write about the weird ways we say, “I love you”. Write about the guy who gives his wife snow tires for her birthday. Write about the mother who loves just a little too much. Write about the perfect, “I love you” that came just a little too late.   I haven’t written a lot about two of the men in my stable of […]

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A Moving Day

Today I take the plunge and write in response to a challenge hosted by Writing Essential Group. You might want to drop by and see what they are up to. I learned of this blog through a very fine writer from Almost Iowa. You might want to check him out, too! Now, as you know the muses often have a mind of their own, and this time is no different. The […]

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