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We Caught a Mouse

In most households, the first thing one might hear upon rising in the morning is, “How did you sleep?” or “Coffee’s ready.” In ours, it’s “We caught a mouse.” Or on good days, “No mice this morning.” The first item in Reiner’s daily ritual is checking the trapline. He has snares in the drop ceiling of the basement, in the pantry, and under the kitchen stove. I am not troubled […]

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One Door Saturday

Since I’ve lost my ability to tell time these past few months, and, apparently, a need for rules and order, I present to you a mishmash of One Liner Wednesday, Thursday Doors, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Oh, and of course, since the block editor has been foisted upon all of us, let’s consider this my maiden voyage into that new world. Call me old fashioned, but if it ain’t […]

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A Trifle for One-Liner Wednesday

‘Nugatory’ is a word. ***   ***   *** No, it’s not a phone typo. It’s not even a MS Word typo, which I expected when I misspelled ‘negatory.’ Is it a useless word? In a word, yes. Or no, since it merits an entry in the Oxford Dictionary: Origin Early 17th century: from Latin nugatorius, from nugari ‘to trifle’, from nugae ‘jests’.   ***   ***   *** You […]

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Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

… parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme…* ***   ***   *** *You know, of course, why the second stanza is “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme” don’t you? No? Well, it’s because “celeriac, sage, rosemary, and thyme” doesn’t scan. Not in the least. Besides, what IS celeriac and furthermore, who in the world would confuse celeriac with parsley? …um. That would be me. Brought to you by near-sighted green thumbs and Linda G […]

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… very deep bruising can take forever to come through. A nurse’s observation when asked how long it would take a war wound to heal. I kinda lost it, when I read that. From Louisa Young’s WWI love story, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You ***   ***   *** This post brought to you by Linda Gill and her One-Liner Wednesday

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Judgement Call

Divorce or not? You tell me: He said, “It needs ketchup.” ***   ***   *** This post is brought to you by my fellow Canadian blogging buddy Linda Gill and her weekly challenge, One Liner Wednesday. After a day wherein I slaved over a hot stove and created a delicious meal, taking into account his assorted dietary restrictions (sensitivity to garlic and reduced sodium being two of them) and he […]

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One Liner Wednesday

“You will never need a hip replacement,“ said my chiropractor when he showed me the results of my x-rays. Now if that ain’t just the best news! Apparently, I don’t have arthritis in my hips. I may not have full range of motion, but I don’t have arthritis! *** For more one liners, drop on over to visit Linda.  

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