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The Changing Seasons: February 2017

Only a few seasonal changes to report from Cobalt. (Or should I say Coleman Township? More on that in a moment.) The snowbanks are somewhat higher, and I’ve noticed the sun sets in a different location. Now that there’s more snow, and more importantly, now that I’ve recovered from the flu, I’ve been able to get out and about and explore some new winter hikes around the area. Technically speaking, […]

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The Changing Seasons: January 2017

Earlier, on Joanne’s January entry to Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge, I commented that “I would like to join in, but then I’d be on the hook and I must confess, I find myself resisting commitments these days. So, I’ll just satisfy myself with your entries.” Joanne replied: Changing Seasons is a lot more informal than you might think it is. The Cardinal posts around the 20th of the month and everyone […]

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