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Angel Food Cake

The funny fellow over at Drinking Tips for Teens wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about his cookbooks. It put me in mind of my small library. These days, most of the recipes that I use frequently, are those I’ve printed from online. They sit in a blue loose-leaf folder among the cookbooks. All of these cookbooks combined contain at most a half-dozen favourite recipes. And these are rarely […]

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Aunt Helen

It was Easter, about four, perhaps five years ago. We hosted the family gathering and the weather was pleasant enough for us to sit outside. When the phone rang, I hesitated to answer it: let the machine pick up. I changed my mind and decided to use the call as an excuse to refresh drinks. I was glad that I did. It was my cousin, Jeffrey. His mother, my aunt Helen, had died. […]

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Advice from Mother

Marg: Here is the pattern… The little Nashua made a good copy. Keep thinking of you… stick to your guns because if you back down now, you won’t do it again. I hope things work out all right. I wonder how things would have worked out if I had kept on going way back when, before Jim was born. Dad didn’t say too much. I told him about gong out […]

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To Margaret Best Wishes Neil Diamond

I’ve kept this autograph since 1969 when I was in junior high, or senior public school as it was known in our neck of the woods. I was one of a trio of girls. Marlene and Deborah were the other two. This was an on-again off-again friendship, not one that would qualify for a Ya-Ya Sisterhood, nor the Traveling Pants sort. More often than not, one of the three was on […]

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Copper Cat

My good friend gave me this copper cat after Joey died. I cried. Sort of. We were in a coffee shop, and one must not make scenes! This memento serves a two-fold purpose. It represents the time with Joe. And it reminds me of my wonderful friendship with the gal who gave it to me. Thank you. ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *** Keepsake: Copper […]

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Function Over Form

One Saturday about 50 years ago, I was outside in the backyard playing “Lost Kids” with my brothers. Suddenly the most spectacular crashing noise startled us back to reality. We crept toward the side yard just in time to see a cardboard box fly through the air and land on a bedspring. In unison, we three dodged backward as another box, and then a third thudded onto the pile. The […]

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keep·sake noun \ˈkēp-ˌsāk\ : something that you keep to help you remember a person, place, or event : a memento or souvenir *********************************************************************************** Introduction to a new series. One New Years I resolved to de-clutter and lighten up the load. For someone who claims she doesn’t care for knickknacks, I had devoted considerable shelf space to trinkets and mementos, not to mention plain old junk. In keeping with my other policy […]

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