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A Trashy Story

  Tuesday is garbage day. Every alternate Tuesday, the county collects the recycling, too. I checked the calendar last night – yup, blue box day tomorrow. Should I put it out tonight, I wondered,or leave it for the morning? You know, the gut-wrenching dilemma of weighing the pros and cons of getting out of my chair to haul the trash to the curb, vs. the “yeah, buts.” Yeah, but it […]

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A New Use for Mineral Tack

Mineral Tack is like stick tack. For all I know, it might be EXACTLY like the stick tack I remember from grade school. I was mesmerized by the way the teacher carefully tore off a pea-sized wad and placed it on the reverse of an illustration before she mounted it to the blackboard. Mineral tack is used to secure a specimen to its mount, usually a clear acrylic specimen box. I won’t bore you […]

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That Which Keeps Me Awake

That Which Keeps Me Awake – Alphabetized Because I’m OCD-ish Anxiety Bumps in the night. Usually the cat. Caffeine Different bed Exams (see anxiety) Flatulence (not mine) Guy has all the blankets Hot Flashes Insomnia (d’uh) Jabs in the ribs (hubby is so pokey) Knees (likewise) Light Motel smells and sounds Noise from the yard like cats squabbling Overfull bladder Purring cat. I love you but. (see warm kitty below) […]

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Here’s a First

I never thought I’d say this, I of the 10 times hourly email check; I of the “what, no one has commented on the post I shared on Facebook? It’s been at least fifteen minutes!”  Yes folks, “I” did not ONCE check her WordPress stats yesterday. No, not once, and as of this writing, “I” STILL has not checked. Weekends are getting tough. Blogwise, that is. I’m having trouble writing for some […]

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Morning Person

I’m a morning person. That is, if you define yourself in terms of when do you do your best work. While studying mine engineering technology, I soon learned that the math part of my brain lost steam by noon. If I couldn’t figure the sums by lunch time, then I needed to postpone the work for another day, if I had that luxury. The research, reading, and ‘riting part of my brain […]

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Lunar Curiosity

Hoo boy, this insomnia is getting to me, ever since we lost the hour last weekend. I know other folks who are similarly affected. You wouldn’t think missing one hour would make such an impact, but apparently it does. Add to that, the moon is full. I can usually count on at least one night of restless broken sleep during this phase. This month so far I tally two* nights […]

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