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One would think that I, someone who claims to easily recognize patterns, would have twigged to the fact long before now, that if Easter is on the calendar, so is the full moon. And that if things are going slightly askew, if I am having difficulty sleeping, then usually, la bella luna is involved. But still, today I was surprised to see images of the moonrise in my social media […]

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Here’s a First

I never thought I’d say this, I of the 10 times hourly email check; I of the “what, no one has commented on the post I shared on Facebook? It’s been at least fifteen minutes!”  Yes folks, “I” did not ONCE check her WordPress stats yesterday. No, not once, and as of this writing, “I” STILL has not checked. Weekends are getting tough. Blogwise, that is. I’m having trouble writing for some […]

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Lunar Curiosity

Hoo boy, this insomnia is getting to me, ever since we lost the hour last weekend. I know other folks who are similarly affected. You wouldn’t think missing one hour would make such an impact, but apparently it does. Add to that, the moon is full. I can usually count on at least one night of restless broken sleep during this phase. This month so far I tally two* nights […]

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