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Back in July I wrote about the lessons I learned from a Reiki practitioner regarding power animals, or totems. To explain, the teacher said to pay attention to the little voices, to the signs, to the elements that repeat. For example, you might hear several references to “fox.” In images, in real life, the name of a radio station, foxy lady, that sort of thing. If there is a lesson, […]

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Cobalt: the Colour, the Mineral, and the Town

This post is in response to questions from my readers. [“…my readers.” What? All of a sudden I’m Ann Landers? Sheesh.] Any way… Barb Pyett asked, “Is cobalt a mineral as well as a colour and a town?” Short answer: Yes. Longer answer? This blog post! And while we’re at it, I’ll answer Deb over at I am, Therefore I Write. She asked me to post a map of where Cobalt […]

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