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One Word Photo Challenge: Emerald

“It’s just beryl,” says my husband when mineral talk turns to emeralds. Scornful like. It troubles him that precious stones such as diamond and emerald are so incredibly plentiful relative to the rarer mineral species yet they command huge dollars on the cut-stone market. You have to hand it to De Beers for outstanding marketing. His scorn is further enhanced by the fact the perfectly gorgeous natural crystals are put […]

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One Word Photo Challenge: Glow-in-the-Dark

These two photos are of the same crystal of fluorite under different light sources. It was found at the Flamboro Quarry, near Dundas, Ontario It is  no longer in our collection, but I believe it was about 4 cm on the longest dimension. Inclusions of hydrocarbon lend the golden brown colour to the daytime shot. They are also responsible for the glow-in-the dark effect under long wave ultra violet light. And […]

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