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Cobalt: the Colour, the Mineral, and the Town

This post is in response to questions from my readers. [“…my readers.” What? All of a sudden I’m Ann Landers? Sheesh.] Any way… Barb Pyett asked, “Is cobalt a mineral as well as a colour and a town?” Short answer: Yes. Longer answer? This blog post! And while we’re at it, I’ll answer Deb over at I am, Therefore I Write. She asked me to post a map of where Cobalt […]

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One Word Photo Challenge: Pink

Tiny needles of erythrite form little pink balls among the tangle of silver wires. Pink erythrite is the mineral that forms when cobalt ore weathers. This piece was found on the rock dumps of the Nipissing 404 Mine, in Cobalt, Ontario. I took the photo in sunlight, hence the strong, unpleasant shadows. The specimen is no longer in our collection, otherwise I’d redo the picture! ***   ***   ***   ***   *** Inspired by Jennifer […]

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