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Recognize Anyone Famous?

  So, last night as I was pre-composing today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post – [that’s not cheating, is it? To pre-write a post that is supposed to be by the seat of your typewriter pants? If there’s one thing to love about WP, it’s the ability to make rules and then break ‘em!] Ahem. … as I was pre-composing today’s SoCS post, which was on the theme of “Hair” […]

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Irreconcilable Differences Part 2*

*or, Cluster Truck** In Part 1, you read about the assorted problems we experienced as we dealt with moving our household, that is the headaches with bankers, lawyers, and buyers. These were all minor glitches, however, compared to the irreconcilable differences between husband and wife. He wanted to move the household contents himself. She wanted to hire movers. He: We’ll rent a truck and move the stuff to a storage facility […]

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A Mystery

Back in middle school, I was cast in the stage adaptation of Agatha Christie’s mystery “And Then There Were None.” * I cannot recall what role I landed – I’d like to say it was the part of the beautiful and demure Vera Claythorne, whose vulnerability masks a more sinister intent. But that is most likely me recasting myself in the more glamourous of three female roles. I really cannot […]

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The Cats Move to Cobalt

For the first several months after we arrived at Cobalt, every day we’d find another reason that confirmed our decision to retire here. Apart from the fact that we can step out the front door and immediately start mineral hunting, in no particular order are some of the advantages: new flora! (Orchids? Really?) new fauna! (We have a resident fox and oh, mind the bear poop, over there) a view! (I […]

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Hello. Remember me?

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why? via Morton’s Fork. Pft. This is easy. Not that I mean any disrespect to the author of today’s Daily Prompt. Rather, the answer is clear-cut. I’d read. Because that’s what I’m doing these days. Reading. Lurking. And, [gulp] […]

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This and That and the Other Thing. Oh, and the Daily Prompt.

I’m… Um… Yeah, uh… Ahem. I’m at a loss for words these days. All of a sudden, I got  nuthin’ honey. No complaints, no childhood reminiscing, Reiner is behaving himself, (hence the no complaints point above). All is good. But as you know, without conflict, without some juicy bit of gossip, story-telling falls flat. For instance, the fact that oregano blossoms have a very gentle fragrance like lilac is mildly […]

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Antique Antics: How Ironic

I am a rock, I am an I-I-Island… And a heavy one, too. Mostly iron. All 914 grams packed into a 9 x 6 x 5 cm volume. Hey! Who are you calling dense? Show some respect for your elders. I am 4.5 billion year old. You heard me. BILLION! Sorry for that little outburst. I blow up from time to time. Well, once, actually. Seems just like yesterday. Had […]

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