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If you are like me, you might not be able to write your post without a title. For me, at the very least, I need a working title, a placeholder. Only then am I able to begin writing. With that in mind, here’s the list of the titles that I dismissed before landing on “Untitled.” Checking In Ghosting It’s Not You, It’s Me Radio Silence I’ll be Seeing You (…well, […]

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Asbolane and Dot

Two nights ago I was on the sofa, minding my own business when I heard Oscar fussing at the window. I looked up and yelped, “Oh. My. God.” Two wee black kitties sat at the base of the birch tree, just outside the window.  Reiner sprang into action, and took out a plate of food. The babes scattered, but once he came back indoors, they plowed into the dish and […]

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Share Your World – July 17, 2017

What is your favorite cheese? Wensleydale. I’ve never eaten it, and I doubt I ever will unless I can find an emporium that carries goodies from the UK. But I love it anyway, because of Wallace and Gromit. I first learned of the variety of English cheese from Nick Park’s A Grand Day Out, a wonderfully sweet and funny Claymation. Wallace and Gromit are out of cheese so they build […]

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Serviceberries are Ready!

The serviceberries are ready! Know how I know? Bear poop. Red, gritty bear poop all along the trails. Sure enough, as we walked along Nipissing Road toward home, I found a bush with burgundy berries. It was a good ‘un. More sweet than sour, not what I’d call juicy, but a perfectly respectable fruit. The seeds tend to get stuck in your teeth, but not as bad as raspberry seeds, for […]

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This is a boulder. It is a limestone boulder. It is not an outlier. (pronounced OUT-liar. Not OUT-lier as in more out-ly) No, no, no. It is an erratic. A glacial erratic, to be precise. But by any measure, it is a BIG boulder. I like that boulder. It is a nice boulder.

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Happy Hour

  Today’s prompt is “purple.” OK. Purple. Purple? Hmmm. Ah! I have my glass of red wine with me. Which is from purple grapes, so that’s a start. The drink is not bad for one of those do-it-yourself-wine-making-places-where-the-“do it yourself”-part-is-pouring-the-yeast-into-the-carboy. Then you wait for six or eight weeks and you come back and bottle it up and save a bundle on perfectly adequate vino. It does the job. What more […]

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Bongo Belly

    I want to tell you about how music has become a very important element in my life these days, but I hesitate to share with you why that is. It’s weird. It has to do with spanking the cat. While music has, of course, always had a role in my life, I am not like other people in that I don’t have a library of tunes, I don’t […]

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