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You Had to be There

You know how couples or best buds have fun with running gags? – you know, the meaningless “just between us” jokes; the “you had to be there” sayings. For example, anytime Reiner and I get in the car as we leave for a collecting trip, we high-five and holler, “Road Trip!” Today’s WordPress prompt reminded me of the time when I was married to The One, and a particular line we’d say […]

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Counting Crows

    Many moons ago (speaking of the full moon this weekend) I sought guidance from Deborah, the women who ran the weekly meditation classes held at the library. She was a Reiki practitioner as well as a shaman. I was going through one of those challenging periods… you know, relationship stuff, between me and just about everyone close to me. This was a short time after I married The […]

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Postcards – An Understatement

Dear Aunt Catherine We arrived safe and sound. Had a lovely trip. We weren’t a bit tired. Are stopping at Hotel Anselme about two miles from Anthony’s home. Canada is a lovely country, but it is rather cool. Love, Nellie ***   ***   *** Today is the third (or is it fourth? I’ve lost count) day of crappy weather here in good old Cobalt. Rain, wind, and now SNOW! And […]

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My Gray*

  *or, My Grey. Today I am not going to delve into the joys of the Anguish Languish and the assorted ways of doing write right. Right? Onward. Or I could say, “Tally ho!” ***   ***   *** The Cowboy was my first boyfriend, my first marriage, my first divorce. And because of The Cowboy, my first horse. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time on this stage, it […]

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This is a boulder. It is a limestone boulder. It is not an outlier. (pronounced OUT-liar. Not OUT-lier as in more out-ly) No, no, no. It is an erratic. A glacial erratic, to be precise. But by any measure, it is a BIG boulder. I like that boulder. It is a nice boulder.

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Irreconcilable Differences Part 1

  I realized last night that I need to update the details on one of my posts where I report that I’ve moved 17 times. It’s now 18. You see, yesterday was the eight-month anniversary of our move to Cobalt. “Man, that was a lot of work,” said Reiner this morning when I reminded him of the date. “I don’t want to do that again.” I held my tongue. Even […]

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After missing several “Kodak moments” while out on our walks, we made a rule that we’d take the camera with us every time we head out. (We are cheapskate old farts and do not have fancy-schmancy i-phones.) Now that it’s winter and the leaves are off the trees, we get to see what was hidden behind the foliage. Like the red house, in the distance. What? You can’t see it? […]

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