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If you are like me, you might not be able to write your post without a title. For me, at the very least, I need a working title, a placeholder. Only then am I able to begin writing. With that in mind, here’s the list of the titles that I dismissed before landing on “Untitled.” Checking In Ghosting It’s Not You, It’s Me Radio Silence I’ll be Seeing You (…well, […]

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With all Due Consideration

Like many of you, I started blogging in early January – New Year’s Resolutions, you know. Therefore, also like many of you, I recently received a notice from WordPress that I could expect a charge for renewing my blog theme. Like some of you, I’ve been away from blogging. Life, you know. But just over a year later, circumstances have changed. I’ve got time on my hands. Long, winter-y, retirement-y […]

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PSA: I’ve Got Good News

We interrupt this program for a Public Service Announcement. I’ve got good news. And I’ve got bad news. The good news is that I have paying work. I will be helping out at the Homestead. That is also the bad news. I simply do not have the time to devote to the style of blogging that I practice here on T-ZAMB. The party is over. It has been for weeks, […]

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My ego wanted to read some of my blog the other day. This line on my Applause, Applause  page got my attention: I will continue my practice of referring to your work in my posts as they inspire me. You do inspire me, in more ways than I can possibly express. I haven’t done that lately. Today, I will make amends. There are two bloggers that you might enjoy if you do […]

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If we were having coffee…Acronym-Rich Version

[On second thought, since it’s HH (Happy Hour)…] …If We Were Having Wine… …I’d tell you about my week. It’s been lively! An unusual, and I must say, welcome departure from what I’m used to. The course work for the MET program is blessedly light and so far, easy. (Forgive me, this week I finally learned the official Northern College acronym for “Mining Engineering Technician.” Three years in and only […]

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PSA in Two Parts

I follow Nina over on The Getting Old Blog. I may have written about her here before, but after reading FIRST HUSBAND (I OF II) I feel compelled to write a public service announcement in order to advise you: Go. Read. Prepare to be delighted. The second part of this PSA relates to the comment I left on that post last night. It was re-directed to spam. She was surprised. WordPress put your comment […]

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If you are Reading This. And a Request.

If you are reading this in WordPress Reader, then I wish you a good day. If you are not reading this in Reader, and you should be because you have elected to read my blog in Reader… then… um… hmm. That’s a problem, isn’t it? I have come to the conclusion that every now and again I must take some time to work through the list of bloggers that I follow […]

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