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For Suzanne. And Jean.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how the universe drops hints as it nudges you forward, backward, toward… I dunno which direction, to tell you the truth. But thanks to Suzanne and her tantalizing post about an intimate encounter with leftover pineapple, I remembered something. Something that at one time would have been very painful to recall, but this year, I completely forgot it. As is usually the case with my comments […]

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How I Learned to Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey

I learned everything I know about “homemaking” from my mom. OK, OK, to be precise: I give maybe 2% credit to high school home economics courses and another couple of points to my mum-in-law from my first marriage. This is me folks, wanting to be accurate and not found wanting as far as truth in reporting is concerned. To recap: I learned 95% of everything I know about “homemaking” from […]

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Angel Food Cake

The funny fellow over at Drinking Tips for Teens wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about his cookbooks. It put me in mind of my small library. These days, most of the recipes that I use frequently, are those I’ve printed from online. They sit in a blue loose-leaf folder among the cookbooks. All of these cookbooks combined contain at most a half-dozen favourite recipes. And these are rarely […]

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Jean’s Kitchen

I think about my mom. Probably more than I realize. Jean died in a car accident almost 27 years ago. Just enough time has passed that the anniversary of her death will go by unnoticed. It was a devastating loss. I barely knew her, adult to adult, and I suppose I regret that. In my kitchen, however, are mementos of my mom and that’s why I think she is on […]

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