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The New Brant WI – Second Meeting

The fifty women who met at the Arlington Hotel Thursday had a mandate: pick a name and plan the yearly program. Like all women on a mission they got down to business immediately. After the social part of the program, of course! Earlier on Facebook, the members suggested ten names for the new Women’s Institute. Chris Quinlan organized the “dotmography” voting system. Chris gave each woman ten sticky dots. The nominated […]

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The New Brant Women’s Institute

A week ago, Kate Belair and I had our Women’s Institute Information Open House at the Arlington Hotel. It was a huge success with much excitement and delighted feedback. Especially from the women at the provincial head office who came to offer support. Kate and I met with them for dinner ahead of the meeting. “How are you doing?” I asked Kate. “Nervous,” she said. “What if no one comes?” I […]

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In Entertainment News

In Entertainment news, the rumour mill is running overtime! According to eye-witness reports, two famous Canadian bloggers were spotted enjoying a spectacularly beautiful day yesterday, as they strolled through the quaint town of Paris, Ontario. “They ordered the special,” said the waitress at the newly refurbished Arlington Hotel. “And vodka tonics, with lime. Grey Goose. Yes, both of them.” When further questioned, the waitress went on to say that the […]

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