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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

What are you trying to tell me?

OK.  Isn’t that just the way?  You make a resolution to limit something, like, oh, I don’t know, computer games maybe, and temptation comes flying at you from all directions.  Like today, for example. As part of the mine engineering technician program, I am studying underground ventilation.  One question on the assignment asks us to master this online mine ventilation simulator.  Four minutes, no alarms.  The deal is to keep […]

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Mosty Toasty

As my dad used to say, Kee-ristmas it’s cold!   (When I was a kid I did not realize that he was being mildly profane.)  Wind chill warnings across the province announce frigid minus 30 to minus 40 C.  Interestingly, there have been reports of loud bangs in the night. Experts call them “frost quakes“.  After the freezing rain we had before Christmas, the ground was quite saturated.  The deep […]

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Take Three

This is my third time up to the blogging plate.  Exactly two years ago as part of New Year’s resolutions, I began a blog. The opening post celebrated the end of Mercury Retrograde.  The next entry went like this: I have an imaginary friend.  This friend is an inquisitive sort and wants to get to know all of the wherefores and why’s about the minutiae of my life.  For instance, the opening […]

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The Best Laid Plans

In my several online posts regarding the trip to Lake Superior, I hesitated to write “Batchawana or Bust” for fear of invoking Murphy and his Law.  Turns out my efforts were in vain.  The trip has been cancelled. While he made one final inbox check, hubby caught the email from his boss requesting a meet this coming week. While that certainly qualifies as the glitchiest, it wasn’t the only setback. […]

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Mamainse Bound

This week’s focus is gearing up for the trip to Mamainse on Lake Superior.  Among the usual items one would expect in a mineral collector’s kit, such as hammer, chisel, gloves, and the like, we outfit ourselves with some stuff that you might want to consider for your next tromp to the mine dumps. Kitty litter buckets are perfect for several reasons.  The square shape allows for efficient use of […]

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Lake Superior Road Trip

Word has it that the Lake Superior water levels are low… that means only one thing: ROAD TRIP!  We are off to Mamainse in August to revisist the shoreline with our metal detectors.  And litter buckets, of course.   My first trip to Mamainse was August 2008.  This was a trip of firsts – first time that far north, my first time collecting with a metal detector, and my first black-fly […]

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