The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

It’s a Chore

I don’t mind most housework, mostly because I don’t DO housework.  Not to the degree that my mom used to do. Jean maintained a rigid schedule. Dishes done after EVERY meal. Beds made EVERY morning. Friday nights the main floor vacuumed and dusted. Saturday was laundry-day and upstairs clean-up, including the bathroom. (Don’t forget, this is before we had dish-washers and automatic clothes washers and dryers.) The rest of the […]

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Several weeks ago, in a rare moment of housekeeping, I came across the Wii balance board languishing in a corner, covered in fuzz and cat hair.  I dusted it off and put it into storage.   I bought the second-hand unit from Reiner’s son a few years ago. I had high hopes for me and Wii. We hung out together for about a year, did some yoga and, believe it or not, running! On […]

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Decisions, decisions

Jen Hamilton of Ups and Downs and In Betweens wrote last night about her decision to quit school. Before I write about why her post resonates with me, I want to congratulate her on making a difficult decision.  I hope her friends and family support her. I can relate to her writing on several fronts – I am in my fourth semester of a part-time college program. If I knew at the the time […]

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Online Dating – Briefly Speaking

My statistics course. Ugh. Besides blogging, wading through the morass that is my math homework is the most time consuming element in my life these days. Slogging and blogging, there’s a combo for you. It doesn’t help that the textbook contains eye-catching sidebars that illustrate the current topic. Before you know it, I chuck the homework and begin to compose a new blog entry. For instance, my piece on Seven […]

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You’ve met my mom already in a round-about way when I wrote about her kitchen and her nose job.  I’d like to introduce you to my dad, Howard. Ok, now what… Well, then, let’s try this tack: stick to the facts. Dad was born.  In Smith’s Falls, I think, in the early 1920’s. The details are sketchy, not because I’m lax, but because I don’t know. That’s the way it […]

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That Does not Compute

My patience has run out. I cannot tolerate one more instance of a math text being wrong. You’d think something like A MATH TEXT BOOK would be free of error. HA! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent working and reworking calculations to get an answer that matches the software’s expectation, only to find out: the textbook is WRONG.  A couple of times I’ve used the “let us […]

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Rude Awakening – it’s winter still

Ah, the most beautiful sight to behold, the setting sun over Lake Huron at Sauble Beach.

Wait a minute, what’s that?  A bottle?  With a message!  Awesome!  Always wanted to get a message in a bottle.

[uncorking bottle and unrolling the message] “It’s all a dream.”


Perchance to Dream