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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario


Angel Food Cake

The funny fellow over at Drinking Tips for Teens wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about his cookbooks. It put me in mind of my small library. These days, most of the recipes that I use frequently, are those I’ve printed from online. They sit in a blue loose-leaf folder among the cookbooks. All of these cookbooks combined contain at most a half-dozen favourite recipes. And these are rarely […]

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An interesting thing… as I’ve been watching and reading all the tributes and tweets and online outpouring regarding Robin Williams’ death, it surprised me to see how much he’d aged since I last saw him. Which was when exactly? Probably last year, a Pinterest post of a Whose Line? segment from 2000 or 2001. I just looked through IMDB. The last film of his that I watched was Bicentennial Man. That […]

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