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United States Defaults On Debt To Its Veterans

Originally posted on The End:
If a nation cannot afford to tend to the physical and psychological wounds suffered by its soldiers in war, then that nation simply cannot afford to go to war. Such is the current situation in the United States. And it is beyond shameful. The amount of money we commit to spending on new weapons systems is measured in the trillions. Yet somehow, Congress cannot manage…

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Viva Cicada

Originally posted on Unreqwrited:
No birds no bees No flowers no trees No wonder November  -Benny Hill Tibicen canicularis It’s unmistakably November. It snowed enough today that it couldn’t be ignored. I am longing for a nice warm summer day. Even if it means bugs. I conjur up the next best thing – a photo to kindle the feeling.  No, it’s not a quintessential beach. It’s a bug, a BIG bug,…

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Maggie’s 500th Blog Follower

Did this brighten my day or what!? 😀 Drop on over to meet Christine Elizabeth Robinson, C.E. for short and for longer (500 words longer to be precise), my 500th follower!

Before Sundown

I’m meeting a lot of great writers and experienced blogger by participating in the WordPress Blogging 201 course. When Ellen Hawley’s site catches my eye, “Notes from the UK,” I head over to read some of her posts. She writes books, and I read more. I love her humorous writing. It sparks me to add humor to my blog posts and books. I find a review by Maggie Wilson on Ellen’s latest book, The Divorce Diet.  So, I head over to Maggie’s site and right at the start I laugh at the title, “The Zombies Ate My Brains.” Now, I’m following Maggie’s blog post for almost the same reason as Ellen’s, but with an added,


I love Zombies too.

I write a comment to Maggie on her book review and get a response, “Well, hello and thank you kindly for stopping by. OK, stand back folks! Let the marching…

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Pearson’s Wrong Answer

Originally posted on parentingthecore:
Updated?(Oct. 10): Pearson responded to this post in the comments section. ?See?Pearson’s Apology.? Last Friday morning, my fourth grader handed me her “Thursday folder” shortly before we needed to head to the bus stop. I was glad to see a perfect spelling test, and a bunch of excellent math assignments and math tests. Time was short, however, so I flipped to the wrong answers. And sprinkled…

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