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The Legend of Caroline Maben Flower

This spring, Reiner and I paid a visit to Caroline’s claims in Firstbrook Township. When it came to staking her properties, she made good decisions as far as location was concerned. The West Road was the main wagon track that connected her property to other transportation routes – the Montreal River to the west and the railroad line to the east.  As for making good geological choices? Not so much. […]

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Horatio Barber and his Cobalt Co-Star J.H. Hunter

Originally posted on Horatio Claude Barber:
Horatio Barber had business partnerships with several men during his two years in Ontario. In Cobalt, he ran a stock exchange, and in Larder Lake, he established a branch office of his Toronto brokerage, Canada Mines. In the first installment of the Co-Stars series, we featured Mr. Browne and Mr. Moore, two Cobalt men who came to the region to take advantage of business…

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Horatio Barber and his Cobalt Co-Stars Browne and Moore

Life is ticking along, more or less normally for this introvert. Who is doing what she normally does in remote Northern Ontario where time is spent at a social distance from just about everyone. It’s status quo. Except for the Sword of Damocles pointed at each and every one of us around the globe. So, with a healthy dose of denial, I hereby present to you, today’s blog post from my other site, Horatio Claude Barber.

Horatio Claude Barber

While researching Horatio Claude Barber, we uncovered several interesting stories related to his associates. This is the first in a series that features the people who played a supporting role in his Canadian career as a stockbroker in Cobalt and Larder Lake.

Cobalt Co-Stars Browne and Moore

Barber’s company, the Cobalt Open Call Mining Exchange opened in April, 1906. He was a director along with R.H.C. Browne; C. H. Moore of Cobalt and J.H.  Hunter of Cincinnati were charter members of the exchange.

Magistrate and publisher R H C Browne on the left with Imperial Bank manager F H Marsh, ca 1907

We don’t know too much about Robert H.C. Browne. He was the first editor and owner of the Cobalt Nugget as well as a life insurance agent. Perhaps most significantly, considering the “shady” nature of Barber’s projects, Browne was the police magistrate. He was also a mining.[1] man…

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Horatio Barber is back in Headline News!

It’s happening! Airy Somethings, the Extraordinary Life of the Aviation Pioneer Horatio Barber is officially launched!

Horatio Claude Barber

“Ask Mr. Barber – He Knows.” From the back cover of Airy Somethings, originally published in Barber’s promotional pamphlet The Gold Fields of Larder Lake.

Horatio Barber was an excellent self-promoter. Due to the nature of the man and the nature of his businesses, his name was often in the news. While he worked as a stockbroker in Canada, he submitted media releases and large, wordy advertisements to the newspapers around the world.

Later, while involved in aviation in the UK, he was the subject of numerous articles in the aviation magazines of the day. Barber is also the author of several “how to” books related to flight.

Today, Barber’s name is back in the news! We are excited to announce that Airy Somethings, the Extraordinary Life of Aviation Pioneer Horatio Barber is now available online!

Below is a sample of some of the headlines that Mr. Barber…

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I always know when I’m off-balance. Not the “off-balance” that comes from being top-heavy, or wearing stupid shoes without heels. I’m talking about the situation when I’m in overload, and need to step back and take a deep breath and calm the fuck down. (Excuse the f-shot. But I am having trouble dealing at the moment.) When I am off-balance, it is important that I make the bed. Nay, it […]

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Vote for Dan!

Or not, as he says. But Dan has my vote because he inspired me to follow through. And to finally make good use of one of the thousands of pictures I’ve collected that are shot through with wires. It comes with the territory up here. I’m not a regular contributor to Linda Hill’s weekly Wednesday challenge, but I do read the entries every week. I enjoy it. You will too. All […]

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A Tribute: What would Vivian Do?

It will be difficult to write this tribute to Vivian without lapsing into hyperbole. Viv was one of those larger-than-life characters in spite of the fact she might have weighed 98 pounds, decked out in her outdoor winter clothing. I’ve known her for such a short time. Less than a year. But once we met, she took Reiner and me under her wing and introduced us to Cobalt as only […]

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