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Mom and Dad

For Suzanne. And Jean.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how the universe drops hints as it nudges you forward, backward, toward… I dunno which direction, to tell you the truth. But thanks to Suzanne and her tantalizing post about an intimate encounter with leftover pineapple, I remembered something. Something that at one time would have been very painful to recall, but this year, I completely forgot it. As is usually the case with my comments […]

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Do They Still Make Kraft Caramels?

In my family, three of us are Aries – Dad on March 27th, my baby brother on the 16th of April, and I was born two days later. Two weeks ago, on March 27, as I wrote a response to the Share Your World prompt, I detoured down memory lane to talk about my Dad’s birthday.  I went on at length, and before long, the tone of the post was […]

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A Moving Day

Today I take the plunge and write in response to a challenge hosted by Writing Essential Group. You might want to drop by and see what they are up to. I learned of this blog through a very fine writer from Almost Iowa. You might want to check him out, too! Now, as you know the muses often have a mind of their own, and this time is no different. The […]

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In the case of creative pursuits, I need quiet. No music. Conversations and street noise must be muted. I learned this years ago when I attended college for an Advertising Art Program. While I was in creative mode, designing my projects, I needed complete silence. While I was in technical mode, that is, rendering the piece, I listened to music. The same goes for my writing. While I compose a piece, […]

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Smells Like Smoke: Writing 101 Free-Write

I had dinner out with my friend S last night. We ate at an Indian restaurant that is under new management. I had my usual palak paneer and a vegetable korma. VERY tasty, but it wasn’t so much fun digesting. Not the food’s fault. My gluttony. I drove. Unfortunately, my AC is on the fritz. My car is an “old” Ford Escape. It’s 2003. For the last several summers, the […]

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More About Iron. It’s Child’s Play

The issue of nutritional iron has resurfaced. I’ve been feeling tired lately, and I suspect it is partly due to the change in my diet. Just after Christmas, I stopped eating factory farmed meat. More recently, I changed my iron-rich breakfast of homemade granola (with prunes!) to plain old toast and peanut butter. Why? I was too lazy to make the granola. Then a Facebook friend posted a link to […]

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