The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

Personal Growth

Who Are You?

Veggie warning for the beet-phobic among the readership. I don’t know who I am anymore. Once upon a time, I didn’t need a grocery list. I was a whiz in the kitchen. I’d whip up a batch of, oh, I don’t know – let’s say chocolate beet brownies – or lasagna – maybe both in the same afternoon – after a day of weeding in the yard and hanging laundry on […]

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Share Your World – August 7, 2017

I’m going to play fast and loose with the “Share Your World” challenge for this week. While I have answers for all for of her questions, I’m going to focus on two that are somewhat related. Cee asks, What was the last URL that you bookmarked or saved? OK, since I’m inclined to respond to questions honestly, I checked the bookmarks manager to see if it listed my saved URLs […]

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Behind the Curve

I read a piece by Rosie the other night, and a rabbit hole appeared. She wrote I am just old enough to have been pervaded with and forever infected by hippiedom – with that far out philosophy, with those general interests, with that taste for eccentric, narrow-hipped, wild-haired men – but not quite old enough to have really been a part of it. Also, not American. That would have helped. There were so many cool […]

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Counting Crows

  Many moons ago (speaking of the full moon this weekend) I sought guidance from Deborah, the women who ran the weekly meditation classes held at the library. She was a Reiki practitioner as well as a shaman. I was going through one of those challenging periods… you know, relationship stuff, between me and just about everyone close to me. This was a short time after I married The One. […]

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Wide World of Sports

Dan (the “other” Dan) wrote a great piece about his childhood baseball experience as the team’s bench-warmer and his subsequent “disaffection,” shall we say, toward a prevailing obsession with sports. It’s not that he was poor at the game. Far from it, as you will learn when you read the story. I share a similar cynicism. I, on the other hand, was lousy at sports. I couldn’t run. Good grief, […]

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Share Your World May 29, 2017

Toward the end of my career with Bell Canada, I had racked up considerable vacation privileges. Five weeks vacation, all of the statutory holidays, two “SDO’s” (scheduled days off) in each ten-week period, PLUS a couple of freebies at Christmas. I did the math and it added up to nearly ten weeks off! Man, did we have it good. I wasn’t first in seniority, but close enough to be able […]

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Share Your World May 22, 2017

  Stop the presses! Last week was a big week!  Tons of fun and excitement! I had my hair cut. It’s been exactly a year. Which for me, is unusual. Based on other bloggers’ answers to Cee’s Share Your World, I guess I’m in good company: those who are long of lock and seldom shorn. But I figured that since I am Master (Mistress?) of ceremonies for the Cobalt Historical […]

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