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In Defense of Jennifer Lawrence.

I have an enormous crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I have no idea what that tells you about me, and I’m more than a tiny bit shy about revealing that here. That said, I simply cannot sit silently on my keyboarding hands while people gain recognition at her expense. Right. Ms. Lawrence tripped on purpose. At the Oscars. Because that’s just the kind of attention she needs and she will go […]

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Worst Dressed

Originally posted on 23thorns:
I don’t, as a rule, buy newspapers. I get all of my news from a couple of sites on the internet. One of those sites has a section dedicated to women, called Women24. I read it. Or rather, I read parts of it. I can’t really get my head around “How to tell if he’s the one for you”, or “Get your body bikini ready for…

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Insert Brain Here

Originally posted on Hi. I'm Dave.:
Back in 2012, the Army sent me to its language school in Monterey, California to learn Arabic. It’s an intense, stressful, 64-week, full-time course, after which graduates are functionally fluent. On the first day, my 30 classmates and I received introductory lectures by various administrators. I blew off the one who warned us that older students tended to have more trouble with studies.…

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Watch out! Mercury is retrograde!

I naively wondered if I might avoid this next crazy episode of Mercury Retrograde. HA! Woke this morning at 3:35 in the godforsaken A of M. OK, so in the spirit of “when life gives you lemons, etc.” I fired up the computer. Email check: check. Weather check: check-a-do.  (Brrr.  Frosty -22 C today.) Blog check:  Blog check?  BLOG CHECK? Nothing. No internet connection. Homework to do, blogs to read […]

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7 Degrees of Separation

When I moved to this little town, population 10,000, give or take, I found it remarkable how well everyone seemed to know everyone else.  My new friend quipped, “Normally, it’s six degrees of separation, right? Here, the math works out to more like 2-and-a half.”  By way of illustration: my boss was dating a woman who was the ex-wife of the man who was dating the new friend quoted above. […]

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