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Things that are Things

From the delicious to the sadly outrageous here are some things that are “things. ” That is, things that are trending in my news feed this week. Cuisine We here in the west are slowly learning what Japanese cooks have known for centuries: apparently, steamed hosta leaves make for excellent spring dining. The folks at Fiddlehead Nursery in Collingwood tried blanching the newly sprouted shoots by covering them with a […]

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Share Your World – February 13, 2017

It’s time for Share Your World! The weekly prompt wherein I drink a glass of whine (oops, WINE) and wax eloquent about the finer details. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Out. No question. I’m underneath a big feather duvet, alongside hubby and two cats. It’s toasty. Sometimes, too toasty. Plus, hot flashes, you know? So, I need to ventilate now and again. But more than […]

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Old Habits

If we were having coffee… What? Yes, I said, “Coffee.” sigh For those of you keeping track, it’s been exactly one month since I stopped drinking coffee. Evidently, temporarily. I caved. Today I had coffee. Oh, I tried to find satisfaction in a mug of tea. Reeled in by the advertising copy, I purchased an assortment of ground cacao beans: Lose weight! High in antioxidants! No caffeine, no sugar, no fat! […]

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SoCS and a PSA – Hair

Things are getting a little hairy around here, in more ways than one.   Do you remember Bill the Cat? From Bloom County? Famous for acking and cacking and spitting up hairballs? Yeah, well, Oscar is giving Bill a run for the money. To that end, (the front end) I am treating Oscar with a daily glob of hairball remedy – a natural concoction that smells like maple syrup. To […]

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Java Jive

I have been a coffee drinker since… well, since I was old enough to drink coffee, I guess. So, we’re talking decades. I remember my first Tim Horton’s coffee. Up until that moment, I drank instant, or the bitter brew served up in the cafeteria at work. But one Saturday, the boss brought us donuts and coffee from the newly opened chain down the street. That was it. I was […]

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Silver Highlights – My Retirement Account

When I tell the story of how Reiner and I found ourselves retired and living in Cobalt Ontario, I usually start by listing the several factors that affected our decision. Among them: He was laid off from his geologist job the first of November, 2015. All of his job applications were un-answered. A good news/bad news scenario because he was enjoying his time off work. But still, we had bills […]

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There’s a Fungus Among Us II

A Facebook friend sent out the alert: puff balls spotted on the rail trail! Last night, Reiner and I hiked the trail toward a likely spot. As luck would have it, when we were about a kilometer away, a fellow parked his bike, ambled into the woods, and just as we approached, he emerged carrying a sack of the giant mushrooms. Dang! So close! Today we decided to check the woods […]

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