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Ulterior Motive

  Greetings, my online friends! [awkward pause: what to talk about? I know! The good old standby, the weather!] I have finally lost my patience with winter. It took a while, but now I’m getting cranky. Back in November, as we headed into the season, I actually looked forward to the long months, with the woodstove fired up, raisin bread in the oven, and several historical research projects to occupy […]

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Things that WERE things

We’ve been helping clean out a friend’s mother’s house in preparation for the new owners. Her mother lived in this house since the 80’s and her grandparents lived there since the 50’s. Mother did not throw out a thing. Not. A. Thing. The attic, as well as cupboards, closets, bureaus, and the basement were filled to the literal rafters with stuff. Stuff  that has since been sorted for donation, for sale, […]

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Spilt Milk

I have lost Jack. And two photo albums. No doubt more things are missing. For example, just yesterday, I offered to make some Christmas treats for the Cobalt Library fundraiser in December. I found my favourite steamed pudding recipe and made a list of ingredients to buy. Then I searched for the steaming equipment. The aluminum lidded container, I found. However, not the two ceramic bowls. I vaguely recall that […]

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Nice Things

Walk with me. I need to share something that has been bugging me. First stop, the bedroom window: Now, let’s see what’s on the other side of the screen, shall we? At the risk of being too cryptic, my theme today is damage, willful or otherwise. Of course the kittens aren’t intentionally wrecking the screen. The caterpillars and the wild canaries are enjoying a hearty meal, nothing more, and we […]

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The Other Day, I Met a Bear

  The other day, I met a bear, In a manner of speaking. He was out. I was in, standing at the kitchen window. A great big bear, It has been drawn to my attention that I exaggerate. It was a cub. A well-fed, maybe two-feet-at-the-shoulder cub. A way out there. He was out. I was in, etc., etc. By this time, my exclamations of bear!Bear!BEAR! have drawn the notice […]

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Disarming Excuses

Hi. How are you? I’m fine, thanks for asking. Yeah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I even missed the August installment of “Changing Seasons.” My bad. Oh, I dunno… this and that. Well, the library, for one – I’m learning how to use the new scanner to digitize the collection of negatives, slides, and photos. Nothing like a learning curve to keep the brain engaged. And to keep the […]

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Back in July I wrote about the lessons I learned from a Reiki practitioner regarding power animals, or totems. To explain, the teacher said to pay attention to the little voices, to the signs, to the elements that repeat. For example, you might hear several references to “fox.” In images, in real life, the name of a radio station, foxy lady, that sort of thing. If there is a lesson, […]

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