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Waiting for Proof

My husband asked me this morning if I ever saw myself as a published author, and if so, what kind of book was it? A good question. I suppose at one time, like so many other wannabe writers, I was going to pen the Great Canadian Novel. As it happens, the correct answer is, “a biography.” You see, I am waiting for the proof copy of a book titled Airy […]

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What can I tell you?

It’s raining – which is great – the garden can use it. The garden that may or may not have tomatoes this year, which is a first for me, in the twentythirty years of gardening. Spring was late in arriving and when it finally chased the snow away, it forgot to turn up the heat. The bugs are out – as are the yellow mosquito zappers. “We should get one […]

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Small Potatoes Small Talk

The weather. Always a great subject for small talk. An easy, safe conversation that establishes the fact that each of the players is cordial and considerate. Except when one of the players is not. In this case, it’s me. Allow me to explain. It’s May 2, today. Halfway through spring. That season where birds return and the grass greens up and daylight hours lengthen. And this is what we woke […]

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If my Husband had a Blog

I’m turning to my husband today for news from our corner of the universe. Nothing is inspiring me, but he’s got plenty on his mind. From the Job Jar. The weather on Easter weekend was marvelous. Sunny and mild. So much so, Reiner removed the plastic insulation from the windows. The entire house heaved a heavy sigh of contentment, gulping in the fresh air as if it had been holding […]

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One would think that I, someone who claims to easily recognize patterns, would have twigged to the fact long before now, that if Easter is on the calendar, so is the full moon. And that if things are going slightly askew, if I am having difficulty sleeping, then usually, la bella luna is involved. But still, today I was surprised to see images of the moonrise in my social media […]

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Ulterior Motive

  Greetings, my online friends! [awkward pause: what to talk about? I know! The good old standby, the weather!] I have finally lost my patience with winter. It took a while, but now I’m getting cranky. Back in November, as we headed into the season, I actually looked forward to the long months, with the woodstove fired up, raisin bread in the oven, and several historical research projects to occupy […]

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Things that WERE things

We’ve been helping clean out a friend’s mother’s house in preparation for the new owners. Her mother lived in this house since the 80’s and her grandparents lived there since the 50’s. Mother did not throw out a thing. Not. A. Thing. The attic, as well as cupboards, closets, bureaus, and the basement were filled to the literal rafters with stuff. Stuff  that has since been sorted for donation, for sale, […]

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