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Why I Blog

Or, at the risk of bringing to mind scatological images, “Why I Dump.” In another couple of weeks I will celebrate my two-month anniversary here on WordPress.  So, yeah, yay me. But here’s the thing. I’m starting to become self-conscious about my writing. I suppose that comes with the territory. Especially if you spill your guts, make yourself vulnerable. Which I’ve done, sort of. In a muted kind of way. […]

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Clothes Horse

I dress for comfort and for economy. Guess how many pairs of shoes I have? Six. Including the rubber clogs pictured here. This is me in my gardening gear from 2002. The footwear was purchased BEFORE “crocs” had become fashionable. I bought them for less than $10.00 at a grocery store. Still have them. They’ve got a lot more ground to cover, too. I started to work  for Bell Canada in the early […]

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Blue Collar

The neighbourhood? Blue Collar. Deep, through and through blue. With sauerkraut.  The circle on the far left is the hospital, where it all began. The cluster to the right includes our church, the high school, and across the street Bell Canada, where I worked after school, and the grocery store. The smallest circle below the pawprint cluster is perhaps where it REALLY began. That’s the homestead. The two large green […]

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Cable Cut-off

 If you’ve read about me , you know I have what might be considered a tendency toward, um, attachment? Addiction? Certainly as regards computer games, I do. And at one time, I was quite attached to the television set. At the risk of over-simplifying it, let’s just say that I like my entertainment and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Six years ago, it was broke. And it was loud […]

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First Impressions

So. You want to hear about my first crush? Not to brag, but I had my attention focused on TWO fellas. Yup. You heard me. Back to back, two guys and me in the middle. Tsk. Silly. In the middle of the room, watching morning cartoons. Right after Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo, and The Friendly Giant – who was a contender, I will admit. He had such a gentle disposition, […]

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Free to a Good Home

I’ve got three wishes from the nice people at Daily Prompt. I can’t use them. They’re yours. No strings attached. If you want to let me know how you use them, that’s great! If not, that’s OK, too. You see, the moment I set out to choose my wishes, I get stuck, overwhelmed with the possibilities. Not to mention guilt. AND the responsibility to use my wish wisely.  Surely it’s […]

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Tea and Toast

“I don’t know if I can take it any more!” Annie cried. “It’s killing me to stay, but is leaving him the answer ?” “It sounds as if you haven’t had your tea and toast moment yet.” She looked at me, and sniffed. “Tea and toast?” “Yeah, it’s a story I heard a while back, about a woman who finally made the decision to leave a bad relationship. “She had […]

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