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The Turkey Vulture Blues

Suggestions on how to overcome the blues? When I’m blue, I wallow. There’s nothing you can do or say. Step back, keep your distance, or, you know what? Leave. I need my privacy. I might watch a tear jerker – Truly Madly Deeply, or a bittersweet favourite Local Hero. Better yet, I’ll listen to the soundtrack of Local Hero or loop through my favourite five tunes of Mark Knopfler’s Ragpicker’s Dream. I’m surprised the disk […]

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When the Moon

How has my love changed over time? Oh boy, that’s a prompt worthy of a volume and a half. Let’s see if I can encapsulate my story into a 500-word post. To recap here is the list of my ex’s The Cowboy The Good Ol’ Boy The Performer The One The Rebound I married my first boyfriend. I lost my virginity to him, so that was love, right? I was 20, mom […]

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