The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

Daily Post

Bongo Belly

    I want to tell you about how music has become a very important element in my life these days, but I hesitate to share with you why that is. It’s weird. It has to do with spanking the cat. While music has, of course, always had a role in my life, I am not like other people in that I don’t have a library of tunes, I don’t […]

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Recognize Anyone Famous?

  So, last night as I was pre-composing today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post – [that’s not cheating, is it? To pre-write a post that is supposed to be by the seat of your typewriter pants? If there’s one thing to love about WP, it’s the ability to make rules and then break ‘em!] Ahem. … as I was pre-composing today’s SoCS post, which was on the theme of “Hair” […]

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Would You Believe?

Moving to Cobalt has been a blessing in so many ways. We have very few regrets – the cats had a hard time at first, especially with the trip up. It is much more difficult to see our family and our Southern Ontario friends. But all in all, the good far outweighs the bad. Would you believe, though, that I was terrified to open our first hydro bill? I had […]

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A Mystery

Back in middle school, I was cast in the stage adaptation of Agatha Christie’s mystery “And Then There Were None.” * I cannot recall what role I landed – I’d like to say it was the part of the beautiful and demure Vera Claythorne, whose vulnerability masks a more sinister intent. But that is most likely me recasting myself in the more glamourous of three female roles. I really cannot […]

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The Cats Move to Cobalt

For the first several months after we arrived at Cobalt, every day we’d find another reason that confirmed our decision to retire here. Apart from the fact that we can step out the front door and immediately start mineral hunting, in no particular order are some of the advantages: new flora! (Orchids? Really?) new fauna! (We have a resident fox and oh, mind the bear poop, over there) a view! (I […]

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A New Ice Cream Variety: Mugget’s Nuggets

Mugget’s Nuggets. Stories and trivia. A bit nutty. Well, OK, a lot nutty. And rich. In the fat content meaning of the term. Sweet. With sour bits on occasion, depending on how you scoop it. If I am on the shelf too long, I might become hardened, difficult to encourage out. I will most certainly melt in the heat. Swirls of fudge sauce. Not the faux kind. A core of sweet praline […]

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Slips, Trips, and Falls: Part 1

Sunglasses? Check. House keys? Check-check. Cell phone? Checkity- check-check! Good to go. To where am I going you ask? Nowhere special. Just a walk around the neighbourhood to stretch my legs. So why the cell phone if I don’t use it to text or call anyone? The only incoming calls are from hubby at day’s end when he’s leaving work. Why the cell phone? In case I fall. I’m afraid […]

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