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So far, so GREAT.  Enjoying the WordPress experience, and I am most happy to report the Zombies and I are seeing each other less frequently.  Notice I did not say “Zombies? What zombies?”

To honour my modest achievement and to acknowledge all of you in WordPressLand… a wee screen capture from my online homework assignment.  [Shakes head] I am still such a sucker for kudos from the teacher. Even the virtual ones.



7 Degrees of Separation

When I moved to this little town, population 10,000, give or take, I found it remarkable how well everyone seemed to know everyone else.  My new friend quipped, “Normally, it’s six degrees of separation, right? Here, the math works out to more like 2-and-a half.”  By way of illustration: my boss was dating a woman who was the ex-wife of the man who was dating the new friend quoted above. […]

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Jean’s Kitchen

I think about my mom. Probably more than I realize. Jean died in a car accident almost 27 years ago. Just enough time has passed that the anniversary of her death will go by unnoticed. It was a devastating loss. I barely knew her, adult to adult, and I suppose I regret that. In my kitchen, however, are mementos of my mom and that’s why I think she is on […]

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Those things women do…

It took considerable restraint to NOT comment on this recent post that declared ALL women do things that are irritating , irrational, and irregular. I composed rebuttals, and then deleted them. Some respondents challenged his assertions. Really? ALL women do that? Don’t you think you should narrow that down to the one woman in your world? Nope, he declared. 100%. He repeated that later in the comments and that’s when […]

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