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Things that are Things 2020

Dill Pickle Soup I called a friend the other night to check up on her – she’s in her 80s and is staying inside where it’s safe. She has an excellent support circle in her community and has all she needs. Including her dinner that evening – homemade dill pickle soup. “Dill pickle soup is a thing?” I asked her. “It’s a delicious thing,” she said. I’ll take her word […]

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Patience, Grasshopper

[contented sigh] The summer has been lovely – no threat of forest fire like we had last summer, and therefore no stinky days with windows closed against the smoke. The evenings have been great for sleeping – full moons and digestive issues notwithstanding. Cats romping and roaming, notwithstanding. (One doesn’t get to use big words like notwithstanding often enough, wouldn’t you agree?) I’m not so sure about the garden, though. […]

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Spring, and a middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of lilacs

Ah, silence. I am home alone. All day. Yesterday, too. What a treat! My husband and his pals are out enjoying the first rockhounding weekend of the season: May Two-Four, as it is known colloquially, or the Victoria Day holiday. Rarely do I have a large block of time to myself. Being in “each other’s pockets” day in and day out is a mixed blessing. He enjoys my company, and […]

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Time Team Cobalt – The Roman Road

Winter has its upside.  We heat the house with wood during the coldest months and we are able to enjoy the lower family room that is otherwise too cool in the non-heating season. During the dead of winter, we watch TV downstairs – movies and documentaries – whatever we can find for free online. We don’t have cable. That also means the cats get to watch birds and chipmunks or […]

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If you are like me, you might not be able to write your post without a title. For me, at the very least, I need a working title, a placeholder. Only then am I able to begin writing. With that in mind, here’s the list of the titles that I dismissed before landing on “Untitled.” Checking In Ghosting It’s Not You, It’s Me Radio Silence I’ll be Seeing You (…well, […]

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Change of Perspective

In reviewing my last few posts, I’m rather appalled by the complaining tone that underscores my writing. Today, time for a change of perspective. Was school easy or difficult for you? How so? Grade school was a piece of cake. Ditto the first and second tours at community college.  (Advertising Art, aka Graphic Design for one year and a decade later, Developmental Service Worker Program for three.) The third, the […]

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Asbolane and Dot

Two nights ago I was on the sofa, minding my own business when I heard Oscar fussing at the window. I looked up and yelped, “Oh. My. God.” Two wee black kitties sat at the base of the birch tree, just outside the window.  Reiner sprang into action, and took out a plate of food. The babes scattered, but once he came back indoors, they plowed into the dish and […]

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