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Peterson Lake

Six months later. Six months, ten pounds (in the wrong direction), three excruciating zoom meetings, one social media campaign against threats to historic sites, and two vaccinations later. To be precise. Oh, and one book, which is at the printers. This is a brief note to test the waters, because it might be time to come out of hiding. How you doin’? Photo gallery above courtesy the husband.

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Dear CSR Lady

I kinda behaved badly yesterday when I spoke with the customer service rep. Nothing outrageous or over-the-top, but I was impatient and determined to make my point. Which was: I’m tired of jumping through hoops just to satisfy the limitations of a computer. She acknowledged my concerns, but was steadfast in her request.  She asked me to call back with additional details. I said I would. Great, another chance to […]

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Happy Hour

We just got a call from the Township Office alerting us to the “Boil Water Advisory.” We can’t drink the water? No problem! Perfect excuse to polish off the bottle of blended Cabernet that is apparently all the rage. Have you noticed? For a few years now (maybe even longer, because I haven’t been keeping track of things like names of boutique wines and micro-brewery beers) it seems that the […]

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One Door Saturday

Since I’ve lost my ability to tell time these past few months, and, apparently, a need for rules and order, I present to you a mishmash of One Liner Wednesday, Thursday Doors, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Oh, and of course, since the block editor has been foisted upon all of us, let’s consider this my maiden voyage into that new world. Call me old fashioned, but if it ain’t […]

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Who’s Counting?

  Today is the first day of autumn – (technically, this year the first day of fall is on Tuesday the 22nd, but on MY calendar, the first day of the season always falls (HA!) on the 21st. The winds are brisk from the south. The hummingbirds have finally left for their winter grounds south of the equator. To my mind, they lingered longer this year – did the hurricanes and […]

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Meanwhile, in Northern Ontario

Limestone Quarry

Thank you fellow writers for the courage and inspiration to safely break out of my bubble and poke my nose back into the blogs. When I say “safely”, I mean piercing that bubble in such a way that a cascade of pent up emotion does not drown both reader and author. You know what I’m talking about. Except, maybe you don’t. We are far removed from the hotspots in the […]

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Candyass vs Badass

Spring is up to her usual tricks in these parts. Snow/sun, freeze/thaw. The winds are bitter cold except when the sun breaks through the clouds. Then I feel like that character from the Aesop’s fable. The one about the contest between the sun and the wind and who could compel the traveler to take off his coat. Yesterday was day three of the same weather pattern. The weather kept me […]

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