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Applause, Applause!

gold starI am such a sucker for accolades and awards and gold stars.


I’m not too crazy about the emotional energy I devote to achieving the same. It’s a tricky place, this acknowledgement business. It can take me away from more important things like acceptance and creativity and into darker spots filled with judgement and anxiety.


It’s time, therefore, to declare my blog an award-free zone. I know that if you like what you read here on my blog, you can tell me so in the comments or you can click “like”.

I will continue my practice of referring to your work in my posts as they inspire me. You do inspire me, in more ways than I can possibly express.

Thank you!

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Inspired by Barbara Pyett


21 replies

  1. Very well said! I concur.

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  2. I agree with your sentiments exactly!! 😀

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  3. Somehow knew you might! 😉


  4. Very well said. I agree. I intend to shamelessly copy you 🙂

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  5. G’day Maggie,
    First off let me thank you for the follow, much appreciated :-), as for accolades and awards, not for this little black duck either. they bring too many expectations that can turn a pleasure into a chore

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  6. Maggie, I think you have One Lovely Blog and I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. At the time, I didn’t know you had an award-free zone site. And for good reason! I so appreciated you liking and reblogging the post, Maggie’s 500th Blog follower. That sent so many new bloggers my way. For the two days pre-and-post-posting, including a short thought post on Zombie Fans, there were 188 visits to my site! For a new blogger that’s way over the top! Thank you so much! I love that I was your lucky 500th blog follower. Can’t wait to meet your 1,000th!

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  7. OK Maggie! I think I’ve hit my limit of awards and accolades. I just finished the acceptance work for my third award, Sisterhood of the World Bloggers! I’m saying, “three’s a charm.” Maybe I take all of this award stuff too seriously, but it’s a lot of hours to do the acceptance work! Even though I’m meeting some awesome new bloggers, it’s time away from my own writing! And seriously, time is of the essence. I’m co-authoring a book with an 86 year old friend! The hour of power is over! I’m not ever going to hit 500 + followers like you. I can hardly keep up with the under 200 as it is. I still bask in the glory of being your 500th follower! Hopefully, I won’t disappear out of sight, out of mind declaring my site an award-free zone! But, I’ll make up a nice message about it like yours and Barbara’s. And I’m still following both of you! Time will tell for me!

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    • This makes me smile. First of all, I’m tickled that your readers are acknowledging you with the honours. But, yeah. Award stuff IS a ton of work. And if it takes away from your other obligations, then it becomes onerous. For what its worth, I haven’t noticed any negative impact from going award-free.

      Here’s to your 500th!

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  8. Oh yes, blog awards… anyone who blogs for a length of time gets them and they are so time and energy consuming. I still appreciate why they exist (to get the bloggers involved more followers) but… there really has to be a cut off point for them. I had a ‘no awards please’ image in my sidebar in my previous blog but haven’t put one in my new blog yet.

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  9. loved the phooey part!💖😁

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