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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

About Me

I used to play a lot of computer games.  Ever since Free Cell. I played too much.  My dentist noted that my teeth look worn – did I grind them in my sleep? he asked. Uh, well… no.

More than the physical harm, there was the shameful realization of the time wasted.

I considered myself a writer.  But I didn’t have much to show for it.

Until retirement and a move to Northern Ontario.

And the publication of a book!

This is the NEW me. Maggie Wilson, Author.

I was born in Kitchener, and lived my working life in several communities in Southern Ontario. I met my husband, a geologist, who introduced me to rocks and minerals and the Town of Cobalt. In 2016 we retired to the historic mining community and could not be happier with the decision.

In 2017, I accepted the position of President of the Cobalt Historical Society. So began my interest in the fascinating history of the area. Besides mineral collecting, I enjoy research and writing, and I look forward to sharing new stories about Cobalt and its mining heritage. The work is like a treasure hunt and the discoveries are just as exciting as stumbling upon a nugget of silver.

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Hot off the presses: Airy Somethings, the Extraordinary Life of the Aviation Pioneer, Horatio Barber. 





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  1. I never got into interactive/live/online gaming, but I admit to an addiction to Freecell.. and spider solitaire (which makes me want to tear my hair out first and then the game’s hair – if the game has any hair!) and even solitaire (which I first knew as ‘Patience’ a game my mother taught me when I was a small child).

    Did you get into second life? I’ve not tried it but there was a printing firm I’d thought of using some years ago and I was amused that the main person had a link to his SL persona ! I didn’t use the company, but have often thought of it and wondered where my printing might have ended up… 🙂

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    • My mother also taught her three kids solitaire. I think it was her way of keeping us from underfoot.

      One of my ex’s told me about Second Life, and I think that’s the reason I gave it wide berth. Didn’t want to encounter him on ANY plane, you know what I mean?

      I confess. I still play my computer games, as religiously as the day I wrote this About Me post. I’ve given up trying to give up.

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      • Yeah, fancy encountering people you want to avoid in real life, in a fantasy world! Eek!
        I was first taught Solitaire/Patience when I was ill, it kept my mind off how I was feeling, I suppose.

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  2. I’m a gamer as well, although I like to play Zelda the most. Great blog and thanks for visiting me over on my blog the other day 🙂 What are you in school for?


  3. I’m pretty sure my grandson would value you more as his Grandma because you could give him some gaming competition. 🙂

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  4. You should definitely write! You’ve got an amusing, relatable style. (hope that makes sense)

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  5. Hi – glad to Connect via blogosphere –
    I am now super curious to click on some of the links you added to the about section – especially about the “reading” – so off I go – to
    Check them out 😊



  1. No more Distractions – Maggie Wilson Author

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