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New Rule

If you know TV talk show host Bill Maher, you know his “New Rule” segment in which he pokes fun at whatever issue has caught his attention. I’ve been known to declare “New Rule” around the house, too, though usually not at someone else’s expense. For instance. Living here in Northern Ontario means vegetable gardening is a gamble. For the first few years, I faithfully planted tomatoes. Harvest was fair […]

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Divine Intervention

Don’t you love it when the odds are stacked against you, but you still come out a winner, mostly because of plain dumb luck? Like today, for instance. Reiner and I picked up a new sign to replace the worn and outdated one at the Cart Lake site on the Heritage Silver Trail. The images on the old rickety display were faded and the remaining text was either inaccurate, or […]

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The Legend of Caroline Maben Flower

This spring, Reiner and I paid a visit to Caroline’s claims in Firstbrook Township. When it came to staking her properties, she made good decisions as far as location was concerned. The West Road was the main wagon track that connected her property to other transportation routes – the Montreal River to the west and the railroad line to the east.  As for making good geological choices? Not so much. […]

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