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Fireworks: a PSA

A friend from the small community fifteen minutes south invited us to attend their New Year’s festivities tonight. We are setting off fireworks here on New Year’s eve If you folks are bored. We have to stay in our vehicles but it should be fun. “Thanks, George, maybe next year?” I wrote in the return email. The longer version of that severely edited reply, however, is my last blog post […]

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What it Means to Radiate Pure Awesome

A close family member is a nurse at a long-term public health care facility. Before the pandemic hit, he was near burnout due to staff shortages and unrealistic workload. Requests for extra help, of course, fell on deaf ears. In March, he managed to find the wherewithal to meet the extra expectations when lockdowns hit and the staff situation grew even worse. When his coworkers talked of leaving, or taking […]

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In Other News

Thought I’d share some of the tidbits I found recently as I searched for the Lady Prospector. These have nothing to do with Caroline Maben Flower, but they do add background detail to the story of her time in Northern Ontario. The Royals During the spring of 1911, almost every page of the Cobalt Daily Nugget carried something related to the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. I […]

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