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Archive for November 2020

For Nancy Russell

This is and isn’t about COVID-19. Partly I want to stay in touch with my blogging friends. Partly I want to share a story I read about Nancy Russell. This is my clumsy effort to combine the two. To the Russell family: I am so sorry for your loss. ***   ***   *** An Update Research continues on my Caroline Maben Flower story. Why am I still in research mode? Especially […]

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Dear CSR Lady

I kinda behaved badly yesterday when I spoke with the customer service rep. Nothing outrageous or over-the-top, but I was impatient and determined to make my point. Which was: I’m tired of jumping through hoops just to satisfy the limitations of a computer. She acknowledged my concerns, but was steadfast in her request.  She asked me to call back with additional details. I said I would. Great, another chance to […]

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