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Show and Tell

Today Reiner walked to the Silver Café to meet his pals of the Round Table. You know, the shadow cabinet. The brain trust. A decades old tradition here in Cobalt in which the guys meet for coffee and chew the fat. The café has designated a special room for the group– separate entrance, a large table, and their own carafe of coffee.

He hasn’t been able to attend ever since lockdown in March when the restaurant was forced to close. After it reopened around Labour Day, he was too busy with woodcutting, rockhounding and other last-of-season activities.

Today, he took along a recent acquisition of mine to show his friends.

Vaseline Glass incandescent light

Art Deco sugar bowl – when I saw it at a yard sale, my heart stopped. Was this Vaseline* Glass?


Vaseline Glass LW UV

YES! It glows under longwave ultraviolet light. It IS Vaseline Glass!

At first I wanted to display the piece on the hutch above my desk, but… cats. It now resides safely on the shelf that exhibits other radioactive-related items in the “rock room”, behind closed doors.

Radioactive Man comic

Also on display in the rock room. Bart Simpson’s favourite comic book, Radioactive Man. It also glows in the dark under LW UV, I have discovered. Source

The longwave ultraviolet flashlight has been getting quite a workout lately. The sugar bowl makes for a great conversation piece. Also, besides learning that Bart’s favourite comic responds to the UV light, I’ve been wandering around the house, shining the torch on this and that to see if it fluoresces. The dish soap glows yellow-green. Lint, a blue-white. And the blue light filtering eye glasses that Reiner purchased on eBay ($2.00 plus free shipping) also emit an eerie if not comical effect.

Radioactive Reiner

Radioactive Man of my own.

* Vaseline glass is also known as Uranium glass due to the radioactive material used in the manufacturing process.

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49 replies

  1. Your Radioactive Man is a hoot! Vaseline glass…..gosh, Maggie, I hardly see any of that anymore. Depression glass yes, but not Vaseline glass. Yeah, cats. I hear you. So sweet but lethal to the ‘good stuff.’

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  2. Hahaha – love the way the clogs sees look and I need to wast mine but I hate things on my face! Even though I do wear my mask when out!
    And I never heard of Vaseline glass so this was fun- and we stayed in the historic art district down in south Florida and your sugar bowl
    Wouod fit right I n

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  3. I’ve didn’t know a thing about this kind of glass. What a great find. Cool.

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    • We’ve been looking for a piece of this to add to the collection for a long time now, but generally prices were out of reach. This was quite affordable. The fluorescence was strong enough that even in sunlight I could detect a glow. When I told a friend about my excitement at finding it among the other knickknacks, she said, “Did you run to the car?” Just about!

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  4. Bah ha ha! Oh hell yeah, it’s time to get back to the round table (safely)! What a lovely piece of glassware — I’d never heard of it before!

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  5. Ha! I love it, Maggie. What a find. That is a very unique piece in many ways.

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  6. Gosh, you guys are fun ! – always have been, regardless of seriousness of message. It’s the character that counts: the backbone supporting the body of blogging .. and you and Reiner have been forever a pair of stalwarts, even if for him it’s a matter of being represented whether he wills it or no. 😀
    (Something tells me he greatly enjoys his appearances.)
    The UK’s “Antiques Roadshow” has often featured that glass, btw: it’s valuable, apparently !

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  7. I love Art Deco… and that sugar bowl is gorgeous… with or without the UV light. Your UV light reminds me of the blacklights that were so popular in my hippie days. I just did a quick search and I guess they are similar but not necessarily the same.

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    • I ❤ art deco too! I could take or leave the green colour, truth be known, but the radioactive/fluorescent feature compensates for all that.

      UV lights come in an assortment of wavelengths. Long, short, and in between. The blacklight poster variety is different than the one we use, but I can’t say how.

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  8. Love the bowl! What a find. I’m witb the others who never heard of this Vaseline glass. Reiner appears a good sport here.😀

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  9. That is lovely Maggie, but just how radioactive are these things?? I just read The Radium Girls, a book that detailed women who were exposed to horrendous amounts of radioactive material as they painted watch and clock dials so when I hear of things that glow I get a bit nervous!

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  10. Wow! Gorgeous piece! I have never heard of Vaseline glass before. Learned something new. Thanks, Maggie 😁

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  11. I am unfamiliar with this glass. We had depression glass when I was a kid (along with various jelly jars!) but none of this one. I love the design.

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  12. That’s a really interesting find. Glass on shelf with cats is not a good combination.

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  13. I’ve never heard of vaseline glass but I love the effect with a black light – both on the glass and Reiner 😆

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  14. What a fun and educational post! I think the bowl is gorgeous, glow or not. I’m not a collector anymore, but in an earlier time… The Reiner photo is a hoot. Glad he has a sense of humor.

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  15. What a clever costume for Halloween Reiner has! But where is the photo of Maggie Curie holding her fancy Vaseline beaker?

    (Miss you, now that I’m offline, Was lovely to dip in a catch such a terrific post!!)

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  16. Just in time to scare the trick or treaters! (if there are any this year!)

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  17. Wow – it’s amazing how it glows under ultra-violet light.

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