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One Door Saturday

Since I’ve lost my ability to tell time these past few months, and, apparently, a need for rules and order, I present to you a mishmash of One Liner Wednesday, Thursday Doors, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Oh, and of course, since the block editor has been foisted upon all of us, let’s consider this my maiden voyage into that new world. Call me old fashioned, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto.

Dan & Ruth Hopkins of Singing Highland Acres sell maple syrup, free range eggs and highland cattle beef. But they don’t rent pigs.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out the pig sign, but it’s a great post, Maggie. Good luck mastering the block editor.

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  2. Whew! I was concerned about the pigs…. I stayed with the Classic Block. It suits my (very) brief words and photo. Good luck, Maggie!

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  3. I’m still avoiding the block like the plague. They made it harder to access the classic yesterday, but it’s still an option. Why they persist in this torture is beyond me. Bully for you, going with the flow. Love the photo and caption!

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  4. Well, it’s 2020. That means we must be more baffled today than we were yesterday. And I am. Is that a preventative sign just in case weirdos come by, or did someone actually ask — even once? An inside joke, maybe? Whatev, it’s good to see you posting!

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  5. Well! Now I know to take my pig renting business elsewhere! 😤
    I love the new block editor – it has made my blogging life much easier – but then I adopted it of my own free will long before it was in “foist mode”.
    Nice to see you, Maggie!


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  6. Love it! Sometimes nonsense is just what’s needed.

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  7. I’ve made the switch, but only because I figured I’d have to one day anyway. It’s mostly OK (not as difficult as I thought) but I still can’t see a preview of my posts before publishing and I can’t figure out why.

    The We Don’t Rent Pigs sign reminded me of a funny story:

    Friends of ours bought a home and small farm in the Finger Lake area of New York. Initially they just went there only spring – fall because they couldn’t face snowy winters (after living most of their lives in San Diego). The first year they were there they bought some chicks, planning to raise them for eggs. Before they were scheduled to come back home, they realized that they couldn’t bring themselves to kill the chickens for meat (after all, they had named each one and become quite fond of their little feathery friends) so they returned them to the guy they were originally purchased from and asked if he’d take them back. He did, and they had this arrangement for several years after that. My friends became known as “the chicken renters from California.” P.S. my friends now live there year-round and no longer rent their chickens 🙂

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    • My opinion about the new block editor is a mini-but-futile token defiance. Like raging in the face of a winter snow storm. I figure I’ll get used to it. Odd that you are unable to see a preview – I can get a preview to launch, but it feels like it takes longer than it should.

      Great anecdote about the chicken renters! Thank you!

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  8. Ha! Good find! Who knew that you could rent pigs?!

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  9. I’m trying to imagine all the things one can do with a rented pig. Truffle hunt, compost disposal, mud maker, laugh track, (who doesn’t love a good snort?), friend to barn spiders and other small creatures are just a few possibilities. But it is definitely a niche market so I can see why you wouldn’t want to rent pigs. Thanks for the imagination bender, Maggie. Always great when you pop up with a post.

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  10. Oh HOW I agree, Maggie !! But, you know, technology advances and so must we all. [grin]
    Well, that’s more or less the message I received when whingeing – as is my frequent wont – to Support. Not in those words, of course. What I fear most is finding that we’re all looking at the same Gutenberg currently employed by the .org brainies.
    And to think I was once able to actually set up a working .org site !!
    I astound myself, in retrospect. 😀

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  11. Maggie, love the sign. So if the store owners are perturbed by people asking about it, then why have it on there. I’d just go in and say, Jerez I really wanted to rent a pig. Too bad I can’t. Kinda snarky. 🤨 Christine

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  12. I agree with you about the blockhead editor. I’ve yet to try it. I love the sign, but wonder under what circumstances I’d want to rent a pig.

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  13. This all made me smile — picture and your words! – Marty

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  14. If he was going to have a cryptic sign, then he should be prepared to answer questions about it. Sheesh!

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  15. That’s fine, as I have never needed to rent a pig.

    I will now Google pig rental…

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  16. I’m still avoiding the Block Editor so I applaud your moving forward while I lag behind as long as possible. 🙂


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