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We Caught a Mouse

In most households, the first thing one might hear upon rising in the morning is, “How did you sleep?” or “Coffee’s ready.” In ours, it’s “We caught a mouse.” Or on good days, “No mice this morning.” The first item in Reiner’s daily ritual is checking the trapline. He has snares in the drop ceiling of the basement, in the pantry, and under the kitchen stove. I am not troubled […]

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Happy Hour

We just got a call from the Township Office alerting us to the “Boil Water Advisory.” We can’t drink the water? No problem! Perfect excuse to polish off the bottle of blended Cabernet that is apparently all the rage. Have you noticed? For a few years now (maybe even longer, because I haven’t been keeping track of things like names of boutique wines and micro-brewery beers) it seems that the […]

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Show and Tell

Today Reiner walked to the Silver Café to meet his pals of the Round Table. You know, the shadow cabinet. The brain trust. A decades old tradition here in Cobalt in which the guys meet for coffee and chew the fat. The café has designated a special room for the group– separate entrance, a large table, and their own carafe of coffee. He hasn’t been able to attend ever since […]

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One Door Saturday

Since I’ve lost my ability to tell time these past few months, and, apparently, a need for rules and order, I present to you a mishmash of One Liner Wednesday, Thursday Doors, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Oh, and of course, since the block editor has been foisted upon all of us, let’s consider this my maiden voyage into that new world. Call me old fashioned, but if it ain’t […]

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