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Meanwhile, in Northern Ontario

Thank you fellow writers for the courage and inspiration to safely break out of my bubble and poke my nose back into the blogs.

When I say “safely”, I mean piercing that bubble in such a way that a cascade of pent up emotion does not drown both reader and author.

You know what I’m talking about. Except, maybe you don’t.

We are far removed from the hotspots in the Southern end of the province. Since March, our regional health unit has had only 20 cases. But the anxiety of the potential to catch the flu underscores each waking moment. My heart breaks for the people on both coasts and the states in between – battling wildfires, hurricanes, civil unrest.

As you will see in the gallery of photos, not much has changed in Northern Ontario.

The part you don’t know about is the stuff that has changed. Let me spit it all out in one breath. Rip off the bandaid in one quick move, as it were.

My brother Bob died in May. A tragic end, but a release, just the same. My half-sister passed suddenly in August.  I didn’t even know she was ailing. My other brother, the last remaining Wilson besides me is in hospital for two months while he battles one of those superbugs – a drug resistant strain of staph. Last I heard, the MD is optimistic about the prognosis, and Jim is getting himself and other patients in trouble, racing one another in the halls.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

For a brief update on my life up here in Northern Ontario, feel free to click on through the images. More details in the captions.


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44 replies

  1. A real roller-coaster of a year! Stay Well!!

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  2. Oh Maggie I’m so sorry about the emotional challenges. I truly empathize.
    My father and stepmother went off the mental rails over the past few years culminating with his near death two months ago requiring long distance intervention. After several trips in and out of the ER he is in rehab but his mind is going and he won’t likely ever leave nursing home care. My brother-in-law who thought he was in bladder cancer remission was just diagnosed with bone and lung cancer and given 6-18 mos. to live. I am currently trying to move closer to them be able to help.
    I’m so sorry for your loss and for what the current state of the world adds to our emotional and mental baggage. It often feels like things are spinning out of control. Just know my thoughts and prayers are with you and all of us during these most uncertain and trying times. 😔💕

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  3. Oh, Maggie, I’m sorry. It seems like everyone has lost someone in 2020 and more than one, some of us. Glad you folks are ok, though. ❤

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  4. There are so many negatives in people’s lives this year, I wonder how/when it will end. I’m sending you hugs because that’s all I have to offer, and I hope they help.

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  5. I’m sorry for your losses Maggie and all the upheaval that seems to be happening, but glad that you stopped to catch us up on and share some pictures.

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  6. I am so sorry for your losses,

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  7. Wow. What a hard year, Maggie. I’m glad to see you again, though and to learn you managed to find time and ways to muddle through this horrible time. Lovely photos especially of the monarch caterpillar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one or if so, noted that is colours are harbingers of the butterfly colours. Gorgeous.

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  8. Ah, clean air! I envy you! This summer has been rough. I lost a long time friend (July) and then my mother (August). Just heard yesterday that another friend’s mother passed away (Sept). I’m glad to hear Jim is causing trouble – always a good sign! (well, not always but you know what I mean.)

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  9. Maggie darlin .. not really any suitable words. You’ve had a dreadful time and my heart goes out to you. But I know you’re a fighter, and you’re not falling in a hopeless heap. Your unfortunate bro in hospital is probably the victim of a staph donated to him by his environment, no ..? I know that my contemporaries Downunder all dread the possibility of having to go to hospital for this very reason – ESPECIALLY, of course, in these times. Fingers crossed for the brother.
    Nature looks like doing her best for your spirits, me old china plate – good on her ! 😀
    I’ve been wondering how you’re doing, you and your often hilarious husband. Very glad to’ve heard from you again. M.R.

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    • Ah, MR, I cannot thank you enough for your warm, and most welcome comments.

      Brother Jim has had many surgeries in the last decade – about one a year – and almost every one involved an infection after the fact. So, the chances are very good that he carried the bug with him for a long while.

      Long term care homes and hospitals are the known hot spots for bacteria – and brother Jim has spent many many hours in both – either for surgery or visiting my other brother.

      be well, m’dear, and thanks again for your lovely comment.

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  10. Hi Maggie, nice to hear from you again. So sorry for your losses. Beautiful photos.


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  11. The death of loved ones never comes at a good time, but right now I imagine it is especially stressful. I’m send good wishes to your brother for a full recovery, and hugs to you.

    I’ve missed you in the blogosphere… I hope you pop back more often. Thanks for the pictures and the captions.

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  12. It’s good to see you here! I am sorry for your loss. It’s been a bad year in many ways.

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  13. I’m very sorry for your loss and for all the other aspects of this year that add to the confusion, Maggie. I hope things improve. Your pictures are beautiful.

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  14. Wow – 2020 really dumped a lot on your family. The word ‘emotional’ just doesn’t begin to cover it. Big hugs, Maggie!

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  15. I’m sorry for your losses, but I wish you good health and safety.


  16. So, so sorry for your losses, Maggie. I do wish your brother Jim well. And may you eventually find those blueberries. 😉 – Marty

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  17. I’m so very sorry, Maggie! You have been dealing with so much. Sending good vibes your way….

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  18. Sorry for your troubles Maggie. Hope you find some solace in your beautiful surroundings. These times are already so heavy on the heart and you have more weight to carry on top of that.

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  19. Maggie, thanks for taking the time to share your situation on the blog. Sometimes we just get to wondering and never know. This awful year has impacted so many in different ways. My condolences for your losses.

    Glad you have some lovely nature near at hand to console you in troubled times. Take care of yourself, always. Hugs, dear.🤗🤗

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  20. Maggie–I am so sorry for all that has happened to you this year. Let’s just add insult to injury and dump it all–2020’s gift to us. Bunny Bailey’s plaque is intriguing. She started out in Cobalt (with you) and ended up in Florida (with me). I don’t know, Bunny, but if that bottle of Bailey’s is still available…… Hang in there, Maggie. Three months and nine days to go.

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  21. So sorry to hear of even more emotional challenges in an already challenging year for you Maggie. Loved your photos. I do wish I could have shared that bottle of Bailey’s with you. 🙂

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