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Horatio Barber and his Cobalt Co-Star J.H. Hunter

Spring has sprung and so have the rhubarb shoots. We’ve been enjoying long walks in the sunshine – (interestingly, I first wrote “shunshine” – a freudian slip, thanks to Covid-19?) To amuse myself, and hopefully you, I share with your my latest chapter in the Horatio Barber story.

Be well!

Horatio Claude Barber

Horatio Barber had business partnerships with several men during his two years in Ontario. In Cobalt, he ran a stock exchange, and in Larder Lake, he established a branch office of his Toronto brokerage, Canada Mines.

In the first installment of the Co-Stars series, we featured Mr. Browne and Mr. Moore, two Cobalt men who came to the region to take advantage of business opportunities in the new frontier town.

Today, we feature a man who also took advantage, but not in a good way.

Anyone who has read the Cobalt history books will have encountered this person in name only. To date, the only pictorial evidence of the man was his building, the Hunter Block.

Joseph Hendricks Hunter 1857 – 1916(?)

Joseph Hendricks Hunter was one of the directors of Barber’s Open Call Mining Exchange. In 1907, he was a Vice President of the City of Cobalt…

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  1. O what a tangled web we weave ..

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  2. i see you are keeping yourself busy. Excellent stuff-well done. i’ve probably said this before ,but were there any upstanding citizens in Cobalt at that time? It seems fraud there was more contagious than Covid. keep up the good work and im pleased to see you are able to get out walking. ATB T

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  3. What a bunch of sleazeballs! I always wonder what turns some people into scammers.

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