Maggie Wilson Author

Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

No more Distractions

You may notice something different.

I made drastic cuts to the About Me page. The Zombie is gone. Not forgotten, but he has been banished. He was distracting.

You’ll note as well the new title of the blog. It was time, as several people have mentioned, to present a persona that is in keeping with my raison d’être. Or in the case of social media, raison d’blog.

And my “raison” is writing about my current research project.

Presently I am juggling two projects – I’ve started to research the stack of papers related to Albert Norton Morgan. And for Airy Nothings, the book about Horatio Barber that we’ve just released, I’m busy with marketing.

I’d rather be researching, because that’s easy and safe. Marketing is a lot of work and not a little nerve wracking – the cold calls, especially. I’d much rather poke around the google-verse uncovering tidbits about my turn-of-the century lawyer than put myself “out there”, braced for the “no” when I ask, “Would you be interested in my new book?”

I will be glad when the marketing is finished. I have been distracted and in my head most of the time, rehearsing my pitch for the bookstore people. My hair is extra squeaky clean because I couldn’t remember at which stage of the rinse/lather/repeat cycle I was at. When I laced up my boots before heading out this morning, I didn’t twig to the fact that I wasn’t wearing my pants!

Which could have ended badly for several reasons, not the least of which, it was very cold!

Sunny but frosty. Multiple layers are necessary! And pants!

Happy to report, I caught my error before I went out.

Oh, and the bookstore man said, “Yes. We like to support local authors.”

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27 replies

  1. O excellent bookstore man ! (Wasn’t so in Sydney, not at all !)
    You deserve many accolades for the zombie-that-was, as he caused MANY smiles/laughs and provoked thought, too. Also featured Reinhart in various (loving) guises, which was worth it alone. 🙂
    Do we see only a researching writer from now on ?
    Wasn’t quite what I had in mind – dunno about the others …


    • That’s a pity about your bookstore man – the top line of the consignment form from Chat Noir reads: “We are happy to support the creative efforts of our self-publishing friends.” That surely made it easy to approach them.

      As for future posts – I guess I’ll write about what occupies my mind at the time – and I’m sure hubby will feature on occasion!

      Thanks MR – ❤

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  2. Oh, Maggie! This is exciting–squeaky clean hair, no pants… what’s not to love? 😀 Happy you already made a sale. Local bookstores are wonderful. We have two in town that have my sole support. Much success to you. I will miss the zombie, but love the new author. XO


  3. I hope the zombie sneaks into a blog post or two on a random basis. Clearly there are hints that he’s still lurking, what with the pants issue mentioned above 😉
    Gorgeous picture to illustrate why pants are a must!


  4. Maggie, I for one will not miss the Zombie theme, but, it’ll be a good memory. A blog needs to reflect you, your passion, your path in life. I think people in general have no idea what it takes to do historical research for a book. It takes over your life, and there can be No More Distractions to get the job done. Kudos to you for the change. It’s daring and shows courage and strength. 📚 Christine


  5. Maggie Wilson Author has a nice sound. Maggie No-Pants Wilson, that needs some work. Congrats on getting this all figured out.


  6. Congrats and best wishes! You are always a pleasure to read no matter what you call yourself.


  7. Congratulations! So very exciting, this adventure you’re on!


  8. Good job on the new look (sans pants or no), and the bookstore triumph.


  9. Nice to see you back Maggie, regardless of the name you choose to do it under.

    Stay warm!


  10. Well that’s quite nice. Initially I was worried that the zombies gave your brains back…. but now I see it’s just a lil remodel 🙂 I uploaded a new photo for the new decade and I cleaned up old widgets. I should probably redo my About Me as well.
    It’s always nice to read you.


  11. Ugh, my tablet for some reason won’t let me see your “About” page, but I’ll check it out when I am back home and can use my trusty laptop. I too will miss the Zombie, but you now have an exciting reason to change the blog name. Discretion and fear prevents me from commenting on you lack of pants. 😏. – Marty

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    • [snort] You know, I wondered about how I was going to describe my wardrobe malfunction and whether I’d explain that I WAS wearing leggings and it wouldn’t have been all THAT big a deal… but then creative licence kicked in and… well, you know the rest! Thanks for the giggles, Marty. 😀

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