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Horatio Barber is back in Headline News!

It’s happening! Airy Somethings, the Extraordinary Life of the Aviation Pioneer Horatio Barber is officially launched!

Horatio Claude Barber

“Ask Mr. Barber – He Knows.” From the back cover of Airy Somethings, originally published in Barber’s promotional pamphlet The Gold Fields of Larder Lake.

Horatio Barber was an excellent self-promoter. Due to the nature of the man and the nature of his businesses, his name was often in the news. While he worked as a stockbroker in Canada, he submitted media releases and large, wordy advertisements to the newspapers around the world.

Later, while involved in aviation in the UK, he was the subject of numerous articles in the aviation magazines of the day. Barber is also the author of several “how to” books related to flight.

Today, Barber’s name is back in the news! We are excited to announce that Airy Somethings, the Extraordinary Life of Aviation Pioneer Horatio Barber is now available online!

Below is a sample of some of the headlines that Mr. Barber…

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  1. Oh Maggie, congratulations again. It’s all real and out there for the world. I loved your bio on the linked book site. Onward to the next project!


  2. I do not see how you can POSSIBLY continue to have a blog named as is yours under the circumstance of having this work published !


  3. So this is what you’ve been doing when last seen……Good to see you back, and…..CONGRATULTIONS!!

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  4. Having a book published is no small accomplishment. Congratulations Author Maggie!



  1. Baader Meinhof Again & Again – No Facilities

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