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What can I tell you?

The raised bed garden from a couple years ago. Several weeks more advanced than it is today.

It’s raining – which is great – the garden can use it. The garden that may or may not have tomatoes this year, which is a first for me, in the twentythirty years of gardening. Spring was late in arriving and when it finally chased the snow away, it forgot to turn up the heat.

A racket in every room

The bugs are out – as are the yellow mosquito zappers. “We should get one for every room!” yells my hubby as he puts nylon mesh over the bathroom vent to prevent the critters from gaining access. “Watch out for the light fixture!” I cry as he swipes at an invisible offender.

Remember the mice? Now that he has that problem under control (for now), he’s looking for a project. Sealing every last nook and cranny so that the bugs cannot get in. This is his new mission and it gives me palpitations, it really does. I envision being found suffocated from living in an airtight house.

[deep breath] [shake it off]

Sterling Women – dedicated to moi!

Part of the reason for my absence from blogging is that I’ve been busy with the historical society event – organizing, marketing, catering, rehearsing, and speaking: all the pre- and post-event chores. We had a great time, all of us, on either side of the podium. It would have been better to a have a few more people on the audience side of the podium, but with just about every non-profit and/or community organization holding an event that weekend, we didn’t quite pay the bills. I comfort myself with the understanding that we are a not for profit, after all, but still. Breaking even would have been nice. But judging by the fact that three people have come forward and offered to speak at the next event, I think we did OK.

Since the May 24 weekend, we’ve had visitors staying with us – mineral collectors who make the annual trip to open the season. We bade farewell to the last fellow yesterday. Is it a hardship for me? Well, not really. I enjoy their company, Reiner takes care of the meals, and the guys are gone most of the day. But still… there’s a requirement to visit, to be a good host, to attend to their comfort. I’m glad to have the house back to myself.


Horatio Claude Barber – more to come on this chap!

Oh! Yes! Did I tell you? I’m going to co-author a book! I helped a fellow from the UK with his research into a British aviation pioneer who made his fortune in mining in Canada – in Cobalt! Something of a scoundrel, this fellow. (The pilot– not my co-author!) So THAT’s exciting AND keeping me otherwise occupied at the keyboard.

By the way, I made those rhubarb squares. Then I ate them. Then I stepped on the scales for the first time since the fall.

Oh dear… let’s just say thank god for stretch pants. And for the nice weather so I can get out and walk in relative comfort. Except today. It’s raining, remember?

Back to the title of this post, though, “What can I tell you?” I’m finding it tough to think of stuff to say. What CAN I tell you? Some stuff is too personal, or trivial, even for me. Some stuff is not otherwise appropriate to share.

So, this afternoon, I am taking myself by the keyboarding hand and compelling myself to get pixels onto monitor. Discipline is the name of the game, these days. More writing, less rhubarb.

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  1. Whew – so much going on – so many interesting people. The aviator book sounds intriguing – write on!

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  2. NONO !!! – more writing, MORE rhubarb \
    Lovely post – except that I can’t work out the racket in every room. Yes, I’m stupid. Need you make that comment ?!
    Congratters on at least two fronts ! Whaddya mean by being so … EFFECTIVE in your life ?!
    Big congratulatory hug from coooooold Downunder.

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  3. Good to see you in my email inbox whenever you decide to show up! Congrats on the book! Being asked to co-author is a BIG DEAL!

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  4. Words seem to be locked up somewhere at my house, so I think you’re doing great!

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  5. You have been inspiringly busy. Very exciting news about the book. And now for some alone time for you and your keyboard. Nice to hear good things are happening for you.

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    • Thanks, Susanne. weirdest thing – I don’t feel inspiring and all along I’m thinking, other people are much busier than I am. The unspoken judgment being: I could/should be busier.

      Where do I go to get a re-boot from this stinkin’ thinkin’?

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      • I don’t know where you get a reboot from that internal judgement – I suffer from the same affliction (which is no comfort at all). I have been seeing a therapist for about 2 years helping me sort thru such baggage but it’s hard to reprogram yourself after 60 years.

        On a related subject, I’m reading a good non-fiction book “In Search of Time” by Dan Falk that explores the concept of time and how humans relate to it, explain it (or not). Dense reading but fascinating. Included is, of course, discussion about our self-imposed busy-ness.

        I’m not terribly busy in the evenings anymore – but I am terribly tired after a day of work. I’m trying to be more relaxed about being tired and not force myself to do all the other things “I should” be doing but turns out that’s hard mental lifting!

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        • Not to be argumentative, but it IS comforting to know that I’m in good company.

          You talk about being tired at the end of the day, and this reminds me of my mother, who would, after a long day of work, and a longer evening of chores heave a soul-wrenching sigh and exclaim “I’m so tired.”

          Her announcement was more like a prayer, or plea – spare me my burdens! She was not just physically tired, but emotionally and spiritually drained.

          I wonder if you and I aren’t feeling some of the same?

          Heavy thinking for first thing in the morning, but I thank you for sharing your thoughts and the Dan Falk title.

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          • Oh I’m definitely emotionally and spiritually drained at the end of the work day – most of which is attributable to work, alas. Conflicts in my personal worldview with those of the employer are bound to be exhausting, never mind the rush rush rush of work. Consequently, the home things which need attention get none – including dear husband. There’s only so much emotional lifting a mind can do.

            I always appreciate your comments, Maggie. And heavy in the morning is easier than heavy at night!

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  6. Hahaha. It looks like you have been a busy lady! But boy does it sound fun. And great news about the book!

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  7. You got a lot of cool stuff going on, Maggie. Good luck with all of it.

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  8. “I envision being found suffocated from living in an airtight house.”–this just cracked me up. Well darn, Maggie–caterer, speaker, co-author, baker…..! Fantastic!

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  9. Do you sleep Maggie, or just have a permanent caffeine IV in your arm? Ya know, you may have to change up the title of your blog soon. Clearly nothing is interfering with the way your brain works with everything going on in your life. Congratulations on the book. I say celebrate with a rhubarb square 😉

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  10. Congrats on becoming a co-author!

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  11. Pixels onto monitor…LOL! A new phrase for when people no longer know what it means to put pen to paper. Love it, Maggie! And love that you’re going to be a co-author! Best of luck on this project…Deb

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  12. It seems to me you’ve been uber busy doing things you love … therefore you have a lot to talk about and celebrate!! Keep writing!

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  13. Well, if you write like this, you can tell me anything. This was a fun read. You have a lot going on, and it sounds like you’re going to make the best of summer. Good luck with the book!

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  14. Finally I get a chance to read your post ! Very inspirational for me . Yes, a fun read .

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  15. Man, Maggie, you have been BUSY. And it looks like you will continue to be busy with so many different “irons in the fire,” as my dad used to say.

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  16. But what if you wrote about rhubarb? That’d combine two things into one! 😉

    I admire how busy you’ve been and how you still found something to talk about here. I’ve come to realize that I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to blog topics, so I get your angst about what to say. Maybe we set too high of a standard for ourselves?

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    • HA! there’s a thought, about the rhubarb.

      You might be on to something as regards setting the bar too high – I surely do not approach other bloggers with similar expectations – I’m always glad to hear from my faves, no matter what they choose to write about.

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  17. I’m reading backward in time here, catching up with where I left off before all things hell went into hand baskets. I’m caught by the word “Rhubarb.” What struck me is the fact that it is a word that is used in stage production, when you need a crowd of people in the background to be mumbling or making the sound of conversation, but not actually speaking? A theater director told us to say, “Rhubarb” over and over to mimic the sound of background noise. Not sure whether this is a keen insight into your sentiments of the time, or just making my own noise in the background. But, there we are, lost in my thoughts after reading yours. I hope the writing went well. Or at all. Either is better than how my writing is going–which is imaginary.


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