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$2.00 plus free shipping

I should know better than to carry on a long-distance conversation with my hearing-impaired husband. He will deny that, by the way. The “hearing impaired” part. Me, from the front door, hollering over to him, as he’s raking the lawn: “Have you seen my pastry cutter?” “What?” “My pastry cutter. Have you seen it?” [Pause.] “I moved it. It was sharp and you weren’t using it. So.” Sharp? My pastry […]

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Spring, and a middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of lilacs

Ah, silence. I am home alone. All day. Yesterday, too. What a treat! My husband and his pals are out enjoying the first rockhounding weekend of the season: May Two-Four, as it is known colloquially, or the Victoria Day holiday. Rarely do I have a large block of time to myself. Being in “each other’s pockets” day in and day out is a mixed blessing. He enjoys my company, and […]

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Squatters on Nipissing Hill

Today, I offer this variation on Thursday Doors. Can you detect all the missing elements? I don’t see a door, do you? A door frame is visible. Inside the cabin, the curtain that conceals the inner chamber has been tacked up, out of the way. That lovely floral scrap of fabric could qualify as a door, I suppose. Is that inner chamber the master bedroom? We know it’s not the […]

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Time Team Cobalt – The Roman Road

Winter has its upside.  We heat the house with wood during the coldest months and we are able to enjoy the lower family room that is otherwise too cool in the non-heating season. During the dead of winter, we watch TV downstairs – movies and documentaries – whatever we can find for free online. We don’t have cable. That also means the cats get to watch birds and chipmunks or […]

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Small Potatoes Small Talk

The weather. Always a great subject for small talk. An easy, safe conversation that establishes the fact that each of the players is cordial and considerate. Except when one of the players is not. In this case, it’s me. Allow me to explain. It’s May 2, today. Halfway through spring. That season where birds return and the grass greens up and daylight hours lengthen. And this is what we woke […]

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