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If my Husband had a Blog

I’m turning to my husband today for news from our corner of the universe. Nothing is inspiring me, but he’s got plenty on his mind.

From the Job Jar.

Sunnyside Road in New Liskeard. Ice-covered Lake Temiskaming in the background, and hubby for scale in the foreground.
We spied a newly returned flock of robins, a pair of turkey vultures (a personal favourite) and a single Great Blue Heron. Even the poplar trees are setting up catkins. Hip-hip!
Speaking of hips, the ones connected to the knee-bones, mine are happy for the chance to stretch and amble along, but are still inclined to grumble about the, ahem, inclines encountered on the walk.

The weather on Easter weekend was marvelous. Sunny and mild. So much so, Reiner removed the plastic insulation from the windows. The entire house heaved a heavy sigh of contentment, gulping in the fresh air as if it had been holding its breath since last November. Or maybe that was just me.

Unfortunately, several strips of paint came away with the removal of the plastic film. Today he had planned to touch up the damage.

“I’m going to have to wait for a warmer day so we can keep the windows open.”

It snowed overnight.

More sighs from both of us.

The Never-ending Battle

Reiner keeps a journal. Every day he records weather stats, whether or not we fired up the wood-stove, our trips to town, the status of his projects, and so on.

He also tallies the number of mice he trapped.

Yes, we have cats. Four, actually.

And yes, we have mice. The mice are cagey, though, and live in the drop ceiling of the room in the lower level of the house. Only once or twice have they ventured to the living area. The cats have a grand old time. The mice? Not so much.

For two years now, he has sealed up any openings around the windows and the house foundation. Each time he declares, “That should do it.” And each time he is foiled. Once, there was talk of an infrared heat detector thing-y. I think the price tag squelched that idea.

Today, he announced, “I’m making a mouse tally spreadsheet!” He wants to determine if the rodent population is as big as he thinks, or if he’s imagining it.

After a few minutes of data entry, I hear, “The numbers are going up! It’s pointless!”

The battle continues.

By Popular Demand

Speaking of cats: apparently, according to his journal, we first pet Dot on August 31, 2017. It’s been non-stop cuddles and snuggles and smooches ever since.

Comfort zone. Dot has his eyes on me.

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  1. “That should do it.” And each time he is foiled.

    Made me laugh with that line. It is so true to so many home projects… and work projects… and life in general. Also your cats are beautiful, even if they don’t seem to be workaholics. I suppose when you’re that cute you get by on your looks.

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  2. Spring has arrived here and it is doing wonders for my soul. Your cats look like my daughter’s will when her fiancé moves in – 3 black (she has one, he has two) and an orange and white. She has a second orange and white and a white with a couple of black spots – the orange from Korea and the white and black from Thailand and she is a true Siamese personality. Those two will be coming to live with me, which I’m not so sure my Shasta (lab) will appreciate. Oh well.

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    • Even though Dot and his brother Asbolane are litter mates, they have quite different builds and coats. Dot is chatty like a Siamese, and has the facial structure, too.

      I can imagine that when your daughter’s cats come to live with you and Shasta, there will be plenty of material for the blogs!

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  3. I feel compelled to say that if you want your cats to solve the mouse problem they have to move 😉

    We have two cats, and they were useless in solving out mouse problem. I think I finally sealed up the entrance, about a year ago. But we keep a careful eye out for signs that they’ve returned.

    Liked by 1 person

    • [chuckles] Yeah, they know how to move all right – but it’s at night when the rest of household is trying to sleep!

      Latest news from the spreadsheet: 46 mice since he started to keep track 30 months ago. It appears we had a population explosion in 2018. From 2 or 3 per season to 18!

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  4. You need some cat counseling. Or perhaps sending them on a journey into the drop ceiling. No one gets back in without their mice quota.

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  5. Your collection of cats looks like ours: we have one black boy who is a Bombay cat and resembles yours, and his brother is orange and white, although a bit more oprange than yours. Hmm. Ours also catch all theindoor mise and are fulltime indoor cats. Our snow has finally melted here near Woodstock NY, but today and at night have been chilly–not snow right now, but darn cold at night. Lovely photos–

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  6. Love how the fur babies are all lined up in a row. When I had 3, they were scattered all over the place.

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  7. Lol – mouse tally spreadsheet sounds like something my hubby would do!

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  8. Oh ! GASP ! What glorious moggies, Maggie ! (Couldn’t resist it, sorry.) Seriously, these are large, smooth and shiny cats – as all cats should be. I think each might give Lui a run for his money, even !
    Reiner is a hoot; or at least he is as written about. 🙂 I do hope he enjoys it, for he provides much enjoyment himself.
    In that top pic., one can see that there really is a fairly fierce slope; and I’m with you re inclines.

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  9. Maggie–that last photo is adorable! My two drape wherever they darn well please so I decided the heck with the ‘towels to match the furniture.’ Who was I kidding? Cat hair is cat hair. My husband vacuums so let him deal with it…. 🙂 You live in such a pretty place. Such wide open spaces.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Who was I kidding?” I’m with you – I’ve given up trying to maintain the decor of our house. It’s all about the cats – scratching posts, toys, perches and so on. I mean, in no other house will you find a large 5 foot cardboard carton sitting smack dab in the middle of the room. It has front and rear access, windows, and an assortment of “bells and whistles” for the kitties to play with. Not my idea. Hubby’s. But, as in your household, hubby vacuums, so…

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  10. Hah! Foiled again! Been a while since we saw a mouse around here. Three cats and a dog, maybe the word has spread…
    We’ve had some open window days and it’s been so nice to enjoy the fresh air. I hope you get some warm, dry days soon 🙂

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  11. I love Reiner’s note keeping ways. I too have this urge to record and tally but I try to resist it most of the time as compulsive obsessive. Reiner just embraces it and runs with it! Go Reiner!!

    I laughed at “The cats have a grand old time. The mice? Not so much”. I can imagine!! 😆
    I love the pics of the kitties all lined up for nap time!

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  12. We have mice too. No cat. Every fall husband closes up more entrances, just like yours does, and every year says he has no idea how they are getting in. And every year I find one in my pantry which causes me to toss almost everything. Not always a bad idea anyway. I think they are cute…but still…

    My brother has a mouse problem in his basement in NC. His basement has a dirt floor and doors that don’t close, so no surprise. He traps them and takes them out into the woods to release them. He continues to do that over and over for years. One year he finally puts a dot of color on the mouse’s back and takes him out to the woods to release him. Guess what. Yep. Same mouse.

    Love your 4 cats. I had 2 once, I found out that two can get into 4 times as much trouble as one. Can’t quite wrap my head around having 4 of them.


    • I read the comment to hubby (he, ahem, does not follow my blog.) (Which is probably a good thing.) This is consoling news to him. And a great chuckle to start the day – I’ve heard of “The Cat Came Back” but this is a twist!


  13. I think a mouse population spreadsheet is a good idea , except my cat doesn’t care . Snakes ?


    • We are nothing if not scientific in our approach to life’s little challenges. Our cats don’t care either. They’ve got more important things to consider, like naps.
      Glad to see you are still on the blogs, Dan!


  14. That is quite the line-up of cats you have there. I suppose it’s required, though, if the husband has to keep a spreadshhet on the number of mice having met their whiskered doom.

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  15. Awww, your kitties are so cute! Sounds like you should be looking for a nest rather than individual mice.

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  1. What can I tell you? – The Zombies Ate My Brains

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